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  • I ordered them yesterday. Only coilovers we have available, so hopefully they work out ok. I drive mine weekend year round, so i will keep an eye on them.
    I really like them. After maybe two and a half years, I think one of the rears may have a tiny leak. Many FJ owners go ICON but I did not because it seems that at every wheeling event I attend or read about someone breaks an ICON shock. Have heard this from others too. Was talking to Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters during my Wyoming trip a couple of weeks ago and he said what most people just don't realize is that none of these high-end shocks are made for our nasty roads treatments. He said to buy regular shocks like OME or similar or get used to sending them away for rebuilds every couple of years. I may send mine in this winter for a rebuild. For the record, I almost never drive my FJ in the winter especially if there is salt on the roads but the springs and shocks still look like crap.
    How do you like the Radflo? Got a chance at some of their coilovers through a group buy for Trailblazers.
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