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    SPEN Trailer Resto-Mod (warning- lots of pics)

    a late follow up been out of commission for a year . . . but getting back in the saddle- slowly. thought I would post a few pics with updates- i have come a LONG way, but still a long way to go!
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    2- 17" Jeep MOAB Wheels

    Two 17" Moab wheels. Great condition. One has a small curb rash- see pic. 265/70r17 michelins. One has 4/32 and the other has 5/32. Both treads are measured not a guess. Great trail spares. Would prefer to sell as a pair, but will entertain offers. I have the center caps to go with them also and...
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    Cost of an Alignment, setting all 8 control arms, and pinion angle?

    Where you getting an alignment for $45? I'm in MD and there is no shop around here for <$75! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    small chain saw

    you can buy a brand new Stihl 170 for $199. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Fleetwood Evolution E2 - Axle Camber?

    You should have a dexter axle under your trailer- refer any potential buyers to the FAQ here- It's addressed about halfway down . . .
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    SPEN Trailer Resto-Mod (warning- lots of pics)

    Frame done, lights installed and working. Welded tub shut. Just ended to finish body work, paint, mount tub. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How many miles on your Nissan?

    2007 Titan CC 4x4 I traded my 2000 Frontier for my Titan in 2007, the Fronty had 165K at trade in. 153,000 on the Titan clock. So far - regular maintenance, fluids, brakes, etc. Repairs outside of Normal Maint- RF unit bearing Exhaust rotted through in one spot of pipe- fixed with two...
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    SPEN Trailer Resto-Mod (warning- lots of pics)

    A little progress Can't work outside lately with all of the rain and snow. But did finally get the floor of the tub in. Had to cut it to size with the Plasma. Worked pretty good using an angle iron as a straight- edge. Tub is squared as good as I can get it. It's off about 1/16th...
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    SPEN Trailer Resto-Mod (warning- lots of pics)

    Not much more progress yet But I have a question- The original tailgate is shot. Which Means I need to fab a new one. Or put a solid panel on the back. At this point I am thinking of closing in the back end with a solid panal a-la an m-416. 1) Less Fab work 2) I feel like it would make...
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    SPEN Trailer Resto-Mod (warning- lots of pics)

    Mark- you're the first person ever to decipher my handle and I've used it. Lots of places for close to 20!years now. Rode behind that loco 2 yrs ago I'm Cass. Finished painting the. Frame today and priced new bearings and seals as the current ones are shot. Due to oddball sizes napa quotEd...
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    SPEN Trailer Resto-Mod (warning- lots of pics)

    It's a great shop . . . all the toys . . . . but it's not mine. It's at the local Vo-Tech. I am taking a class through the community college to learn how to weld. As my instructor keeps telling me, I picked a heck of a 1st project!
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    SPEN Trailer Resto-Mod (warning- lots of pics)

    The build continues While the frame is in my garage in various stages or prime & paint, I started the tub last night. First order of business was to remove the rusted out flanges on the bottom where the old floor was welded in: The sides weren't too bad, but the front of the tub is really...
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    Fleetwood Neon Question

    I have the Neon's Older sibling- the Graphite But they have the same lift mechanism. When you crank it up do you hear a distinct clicking sound? That's the pawl in the ratchet in the gear box and is your locking mechanism. If you don't hear the clicking, there is something wrong with your...
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    Aggrocrag's 2011(Now 2014) Pro-4x

    Well- keep an eye on your lift mechanism and thrust bearing. They are prone to failure. And parts are getting scarcer and scarcer. Might want to find a new bearing now to prepare for future failure. BTW- to get back on topic. I had a 2000 Fronty. 165K carefree miles before i upgraded to...
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    Aggrocrag's 2011(Now 2014) Pro-4x

    Cant help you with the frontier stuff. I have a Titan and a Jeep and am just here nosing around. But I noticed the trailer in your first pic? Looks like a Graphite? I have one just like it. LOVE that camper.