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    Rotopax / Fuelpax expansion in the sun

    The rotopax handles can also break when trying to screw them on or off. Check your handles periodically and keep the threads oiled. I had a handle break free from it's threaded rod end and had the aluminum handle come off... leaving the threaded rod still on. I now keep an extra handle in my...
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    270 Awning... Driver side or Passenger side?

    Yeah, that's my biggest concern.... my trails are very tight.... I use limb-risers and the whole nine yards..... I have yet to get an awning but it's only a matter of time.
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    270 Awning... Driver side or Passenger side?

    I have a CB antenna on the driver side of my rear door hinge.... so I THINK I'll need to put it on the passenger side when I buy it.... the door also opens on the passenger side.
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    Alucab Gen3 tent and shadow awn. New!!

    If you ARE parting it out.... I'd be interested in the awning assuming it's a passenger side version.
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    SOLD - ARB 50qt fridge, temp sensor, transit bag, and slide

    If it's a tilting slide and you are willing to part it out.... I'd be up for that.
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    Tire Deflators - What Do You Use and Why?

    I use the ARB deflator... works well. I also have a very small kit in my glove box with extra valve cores and the tool for replacing them. Everyone should have extra valve cores since they are so small and easy to replace. I haven't had a valve core go bad on me yet, but I've given valve...
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    Avoiding virus during 10-day trip

    Avoiding virus during 10-day trip
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    Black Series HQ21 trailer camper HQ - $89,999 (Chula Vista)

    Caveat emptor.... do your research if you are at all interested in these.
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    Help! 3rd Gen voltage booster

    I use the following one from HKB. Dirty Parts also sells them: It's the easiest mod I've ever done. Remove the ALT-S fuse... replace with the one with the diode.
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    First run for my trailer ! ...... We broke it 😥

    I learned the hard way suspension ratings are for on highways... not offroading. I have blown both leaf springs, broke the new one, bent the axle.... and ultimately upgraded to what I thought was "overkill"..... which in actuality was not overkill at all. The ratings of both sides combine to...
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    Free RoadShower 4 mounting brackets, SmittyBilt adjust a mount

    I'll take the antenna. PM incoming.
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    Soft Bridal Strap For Sprinter Van?

    Do not buy a rope with hooks.... those are "tow straps" not "recovery" straps. The rule of thumb for buying recovery straps is 1.5 x your vehicle weight so it has some stretch. And use appropriately rated shackles... whether you go with the "newer" soft shackles or the standard D shackle...
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    Overkill Campers

    RKS thinking a marine grade vinyl has any R value is ridiculous. Good to hear Overkill is still trucking along....