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    Why NOT use the stock spare tire location on a pickup truck?

    Getting a flat tire isn't always at the most opportune time and at times not the most opportune place. Imagine getting a flat in an offroad situation where you can't even access your spare tire... that's what I've always thought of when I see an offroad rig with a spare in a place that is not...
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    SOLD ARB Fridge/Freezer 47L/50Qt with Alu-Cab Tilting Slide RVA $850

    My bad... the conversions I was doing was using Imperial quarts, not US quarts... sorry about that.
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    Spare tire smaller than the tires on the truck?

    What happens if you are in an offroad situation and slice a sidewall (get a flat).... and need every tool at your disposal to get out of the situation? Including full size proper offroad tires? I carry a fire extinguisher too.... I prefer to have and not need rather than the reverse. (side...
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    SOLD ARB Fridge/Freezer 47L/50Qt with Alu-Cab Tilting Slide RVA $850

    So..... 50 qt one then?? (aka 56L) (that link lists 4 versions)
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    SOLD ARB Fridge/Freezer 47L/50Qt with Alu-Cab Tilting Slide RVA $850 I'm having trouble trying to figure out what a 47L ARB fridge size is..... 37 qt = 42 L (smallest ARB fridge) 50 qt = 56 L (next size up) EDIT: those calculations are made with Imperial quarts, not US quarts.... my...
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    Ultimate F550 ArcLab / Total Composites camper for sale US$475.000

    ArcLab has some major customer service issues and paying their bills..... just saying.
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    Wanted: Vehicle for boondocking in extreme cold

    Your budget has dropped significantly since your last thread about this exact same thing in September. (300k down to 100k) 200k makes a big difference. Seems more like a...
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    Winter All weather Tires. 3Peak Logo.

    Another vote for the Goodyear Duratracs....
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    Tent heating ideas for winter camping?

    I tested my buddy heater in my enclosed vehicle. I put a battery operated CO detector in it and closed up the windows and doors and watched it from inside the house. It eventually shut off on it's own due to low levels of O2. The CO detector didn't activate during this time. I agree with the...
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    Favorite Tire Repair Kit?

    Biggest plus is likely the quality of the handles for the plug puller and reamer. You don't want those things breaking in your hands causing injury. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    1997 Toyota Megacruiser BXD-10

    Pretty sure he's banned from Craigslist.... according to the following court document. Maybe he can try Kijiji