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    Tacoma aluminum tray and canopy, sold

    Bump for you! You got skills!
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    Box Rocket 1995 FZJ80 Build

    Adam - Glad to see my favorite 80 is still getting better and better! Keep up the great work!
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    Corey's 2007 FJ Cruiser built for expedtion/overland, & daily driver

    Clean and organized. Knowing where all your stuff is a key. Nice add Corey. :ylsmoke:
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    Willman's Bantam BT3-C Expedition Trailer Buildup

    Sorry for the late reply. I sold the trailer a few years ago. I do miss it! I will have to build another one.
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    Blender, My LX450/FZJ80 + FJ45esk + GM + Land Rover crazy concoction

    Keep up the great work! TIG welding is an art. I think i enjoy that the most. Kind of relaxing to the soul. Cool to see some of these custom truck projects and the TIG welding.
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    Box Rocket 1995 FZJ80 Build

    You own one of my favorite 80's!
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    A fabricators 80 series build. Starting with the front bumper

    Nicely done Rich. Clean fab.
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    FS: Sierra Expedition's 01' Red Toyota Tacoma - Seattle, Wa

    My old truck is for sale again: Still has low mileage!
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    Box Rocket 1995 FZJ80 Build

    Nice rubber Adam! Beefy!
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    Expedition Overland - 2015 Season

    ^^^Funny to watch....
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    2016 4Runner TRD Pro

    -H- your rig is coming along great! I'm digging the hidden winch. And those wheels are SEXY! What dual battery kit did you get? Also, what brand of dual battery are you going to run?