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    Trasharoo alternatives

    Ferro Concepts makes something called the Truck Ruck, which i will be getting.
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    Stoked about the new Gofast camper

    It will come with a 3rd brake light and harness.
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    Camper with Ramboxes

    Do you already own the camper?
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    Need some Taco advice...please!

    well, the cab sizes are quite different, that is something you have to decide for yourself. Personally i'd look for an offroad trim, vs the sport. What are you looking to do with the truck?
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    Stoked about the new Gofast camper

    not to mention the flippac/AT Habitat already exists. This brings alternate options to the market which is good.
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    Advice: Fabricator or....?

    I agree, the Go Fast camper sounds like what you want. That or you can go with the Topper Ez-Lift.
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    Wildernest Restoration

    Some pictures of your brackets that hold the support pole/hoop over the bed would be great. Is there a good step by step procedure for removing the springs? Should i chance removing the roof all together, or will i cause unnecessary damage to the underlying structure by removing and...
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    Wildernest Restoration

    Started some more of the tear down... Some damage to the glass that will need to be addressed... The support structure brackets above the bed. These are tweaked badly, and the stabilizer pin holes are egged out pretty bad.
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    Globe Camper or Bimobil

    Do those cells replace the bed on your LR? From googling, they look like they're designed for pickups, or for plain chassis vans.
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    Wildernest Restoration

    Pictures of any/all brackets, attachment points, etc would be great. If you have a spare curtain, I'd love to take it off your hands. Any spare parts just let me know!
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    Wildernest Restoration

    Strange that you mention that, because mine feels like the layers in the roof are separated as well. I have plenty of faith in it holding me alone, but I'm a little nervous about the gf and I both being up there. Supposedly it can support 1000lbs though...
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    Wildernest Restoration

    Any info you have for the 90* aluminum strap would be perfect!
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    Wildernest Restoration

    Trying to decide on replacement draw down latches. I'm missing one, and I'd kind of like to get something along the lines of a Jeep or Humvee.
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    Wildernest Restoration

    The cable just runs horizontally between the verticals of the middle main support "arch". I saw a picture earlier that looked like there was a curtain strung from it
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    A question for Wildernest owners or experts

    Does anyone have pictures of how they drilled and bolted their wildernest down on a first gen Tacoma?