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    Knockoff iKamper

    I believe iKamper is made in Korea and is very high-quality. The knockoff has clever Korean lettering on the title logo but is actually located in China....go figure....
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    SJK overland 3-person ground tent

    Price drop.
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    SJK overland 3-person ground tent

    This is a unique tent that I found to fit my needs perfectly for fly-n-drive as well as a backup. Product Page: Highlights: Perfect shape, used for 2 nights. Unfortunately I don't have pics but it looks exactly like the new one shown above...
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    Beaver Tree camp kitchen Chuck box

    SOLD & picked up!
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    Beaver Tree camp kitchen Chuck box

    I'm selling this because it doesn't fit into my setup anymore. Currently local pickup only in Metro Detroit area. But if I find a suitable box I'll ship it at your actual cost. The brand is Beaver Tree and it is made in the USA from heavy-duty plastic. Similar to Dosko Campmate but a tiny...
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    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    Thanks for sharing this. Looks exactly like my Beavertree camp kitchen except for the logo on the top.
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    LC 200 length behind front seats?

    This might help, although no exact dimensions are available, he says around 6'5" behind front seats: <--- Let google translate that for you. In the Land Cruiser (whether its an 80/100/200) you don't need to remove the rear seats to...
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    Good and affordable?

    Take a look at the Tecniq Steelhead work lights (google it). They are built in the US and are very well made. They have a lifetime warranty (although I dont know personally how good that is). The lens design actually makes sense compared to even some of the big names. I dont know what the price...
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    Vehicle Portable Battery Options for Keeping a Dometic CFX 40 Refrigerator Charged

    Trailguy - I've had great luck with a single Group 49 in a 100 series. Pretty simple and sub-$200 install if you're going to replace the stock cranking battery. Here are some old posts for your reference:
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    Vehicle Portable Battery Options for Keeping a Dometic CFX 40 Refrigerator Charged

    Theres plenty of lithium jump starters available these days, and the majority of them are of questionable quality. The ones from Antigravity and Noco are really the only types that I would trust. My XP10 Antigravity is a trooper, having started big v8s over and over again when the main battery...
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    Vehicle Portable Battery Options for Keeping a Dometic CFX 40 Refrigerator Charged

    A portable power pack isn't cost effective, like you've found already - you may have to spend $600+ to get a good one with enough capacity. On the other end of the scale, you also don't need dual battery systems as long as: Fridge doesn't have to run without starting the engine for more than...
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    Costco has a RTT

    Back on topic. Other than being most likely a cheap Chinese tent with ABS instead of composite shells, the only redeeming feature of this seems to be an easy return policy and not having to deal with shipping etc like when you buy a name-brand tent like James Baroud or AutoHome. I'm not so sure...
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    Water container recs/stowage of them...

    If I had a JK I would do @Dan Grec 's setup documented here minus the $$$ UV purification system and level gauge. Running water is fundamental to camp living so it is totally worth the cost: Supplement it with a single...
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    Land Cruiser 100 series - long range fuel tank

    I stand corrected, in fact it's about 252 miles or 405km between gas stations in Port Hope Simpson and Goose Bay. And we did it with the stock 100 series gas tank with quite a bit left over.... Did have a 4 gallon rotopax for some insurance though! Sent from my Nokia 7.1 using Tapatalk