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    FUSO FG cab extension - any thoughts? (2004)

    Yep....I’ve done this on an FG637.....long time ago.
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    Volcon Electric utility machine

    Australia has just been promised the Surron Storm Bee.... claiming 60mile range and top speed of 65...then you read the range was calculated at a speed of you said above...real world figures are pretty disappointing. I’ve got an Polaris Ranger EV for use around my is...
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    FG's in Action

    Awesome Jon.....let me know if you’re up our way. Drop in.
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    FG's in Action

    Hey Kiwimtnclimbr....sorry buddy. I haven’t seen Dave for ages until last Friday coincidence. He still has the truck and uses it heavily. The box was built by MrShetmetal locally on the Sunny Coast. It’s pretty basic and has a pop top made using generic pop top alloy extrusions. Dave was...
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    Isuzu FTS700 'Wicked Turtle'

    Absolutely awesome mate. A credit to you .........but I'm pretty sure those seat covers are banned in Queensland.
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    FG Single to Dual Cab

    You want to do what???? Dans suggestion is wise. Huge amount of to and money any other way. Also very easy to convert MWB to SWB if you really want to shorten it. Shorten the front end of the rear chassis rails by 600mm and remove the short front tail shaft. It'd be a fun little family truck...
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    2013 ATW Mitsubishi 4x4 camper - For sale (Sunshine Coast)

    Hi Ben.... The truck interior turned out amazing. Looks like your house a bit. John showed a couple of pics on his phone. I like the way you described him as a woodsmith .... some of the jobs that guy does verge on art. I saw him today actually. I think he's filling in for one of our guys for a...
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    Maximum fording capability

    That was Engineer speaking from experiences mainly on Cape York which is often worse than the beach... Cause you'll be driving for long period in high temps then come to a deep creek crossing and the hot diffs will suck water in. When we drive buses on the beach the diffs don't get as hot...
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    FGs for sale

    Not sold yet so now looks like offers around $120k will buy it. They're obviously keen to sell.
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    FGs for sale

    Hey, Some friends of mine have this for sale and I said I'd post some pics up here to give Expo members a first crack at it before they throw it on Gumtree. Their big plans have changed and unfortunately the truck must gobefore they ever got to use it. The truck is a 2012 Hi Range FBG71 with...
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    FG's in Action

    That's a lot of flags Guy!!!! Good to hear from you mate. Kind regards John.