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    Jeep Owner Gift Ideas

    Anyone else doing last minute holiday shopping? I thought a thread with jeep-owner gift ideas might be helpful to others. To make this thread useful to the widest spectrum of gift-givers, I would suggest the following parameters: gifts for the jeep owner $200 or less suggestions that are as...
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    Quick little diy table with my hdx storage box

    I like it. You can bring a lot less if you can use everything multiple different ways.
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    $3,400 Spacekap Plus - Craigslist Cape Cod, MA

    Not mine, just noticed it on Craigslist: $3,400 -
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    2000 Jeep XJ

    It's all about the rust... I did a ton of work to mend drip-line rust along my roof and it's coming back again. Once it gets going, it's insidious. As others have mentioned: check the floor-pans, behind the upper windshield gasket, rocker panels (below each door) and behind the rear plastic...
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    Camp Chair Recommendations

    Another vote for KERMIT! So solid and stable that you can lean on one armrest with your entire body weight to aid getting in and out as easily as any camp chair I've ever used. It feels more like campaign furniture than a camp chair. I own other chairs (helinox, crazy creeks, etc.) and only...
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    Just Downsized to a Renegade (build and trips)

    Agreed. So clean. I hope we get to see more!
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    Just Downsized to a Renegade (build and trips)

    Really slick work! The mounting frame is ingenious. I'd love to see a close-up photo of the flip-out work surface over the stove. I'll be curious if it impedes access to the fridge and if that ends up being a nuisance over time. Really well done, cheers.
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    2001 Jeep XJ clamshell RTT build

    awesome! I would vote to cut the roof and give it the camper treatment. Keep us posted!
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    b16gsr build thread 2000 XJ 4 door SE expedition rig

    please tell me about the rear hatch "spoiler" trim on the 2dr. It looks pretty sharp with an integrated light.
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    b16gsr build thread 2000 XJ 4 door SE expedition rig

    great condition, they never look so good in the northeast
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Here's a vote for more Jeep sewing projects!
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    Jeep XJ Pop Top Camper Build

    I like the pop-top, good job. I'm curious about how you attached the fabric tent to the roof of the jeep and if you manage to keep water out completely.
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Along those lines, I've always admired the flip-up hatch windows made for Land Cruisers by Kevin Rowland at wagongear: Great OEM look with improved functionality.
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    JK dual swing out rear bumper options?

    Thanks to you both, jscherb and BradS.
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    XJ/ZJ as budget off roader

    Typical rust areas I've seen on XJs: rocker panels are the worst culprit, roof drip rail, above the windshield (especially behind the rubber glass trim), floorboards: especially the front passenger floorboard because some years have a leak stemming from the cowl