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    V8-powered Jeep Wrangler crashes Ford Bronco's party

    This is an interesting discussion on the crawl gear in the manual bronco.
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    Awning idea- extruded track and a folding tarp with poles and guy wires?

    We use a sailrite track on our camper and it works great. Be sure to also get the foam awning rope to sew on to whatever you use as the awning.
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    Electrify the Wrangler? Well, yeah...why the heck not!

    The 2020 Honda insight looks like a combination of a Chrysler 200 and a Tesla Model S 😂 Since I've never driven one or read anything about it, I have no opinion on anything other than the outward appearance.
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    SOLD - H13->H4 headlamp harness adapters - free

    I'm interested - Where are you located? and how much to ship to 80214? Thanks
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    Grand Cherokee ZJ Builds (Share you pictures)

    I'm on my 2nd 1996 ZJ after daily driving my original from 2010 - 2018. I DD this one as well and use it for overlanding / towing my home-built teardrop camper and mild wheeling around Colorado and the 4 corners region. My build as it stands is as follows - 1996 Laredo - 4.0 with 242 TC 2018...
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    249 to 242 transfer case swap

    It really depends on what year the ZJ or XJ the 242 was pulled from was. If its pulled from a 96+ the 242 will have a 23 spline .840 input shaft and you will have no problems with it bolting up. All Jeep NP / NV transfer cases of that era use a 6 bolt mounting circle, its the input shaft length...