So, I am in the throes of retirement from a 25 year IT career. I'm sick and tired of QA testing, support and my boss. Now is the time for me to break free of the chains that bound me, find myself and finally do something for me. I'm focusing on my art, which is woodworking. I find sticks in the wilderness, bring them home and with a little sandpaper, stone, stain and varnish, I create beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind hiking sticks. In the past, I have given them away as gifts, but now I'm gonna try selling a few to help fund my adventures.
Self-Employed adventurer and artist
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ArtiCat Trail
RAM 3500 TCD/4x4




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My Rides:
2012 RAM 3500 TCD
2014 Arctic Cat Trail 700
1997 Kawasaki Vulcan


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