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    2001 R50 Pathfinder Build-up.

    Hmmm Upside down picture, not sure why. Let's try this one. '
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    2001 R50 Pathfinder Build-up.

    The Updates So here is how she sits for at least the next couple weeks. 33x10.5R16 Wrangler Duratracs are getting mounted once the snowfall hits. Some new stuff would be the snorkel install. The snorkel is from Airflow is a pretty great piece and im confident in the mounting and sealing of it...
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    2001 R50 Pathfinder Build-up.

    Man It Has Been a While! What is going on ExPo? I have been out of this loop for a good while but finally settled into my new life so it's back at updating this thread. Some simple changes but once the pictures are done transferring I will post them up. Have a good one!
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    235/85/r16 Cooper AT3 tires

    This size and type are exactly what I run, I run them around 37-40psi on the street. I would not call them tall for their rated height. For a supposed 32" tall tire, they are just under 31" tall. I drive a heavily weighed down 2001 Pathfinder so that may account for something.
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    My 2001 Pathfinder (R50 ) mild/budget build

    Looks good brother! I'm excited to see the swingout. Once I built mine, I could never go back to stock. Mine is way over hefty though so I'll be redoing it in tube, but the plate style looks perfect on these R50's. Can you show me the mount set-up you have?
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    2001 R50 Pathfinder Build-up.

    Continued! Next up was a LOT of preventative maintenance. I didnt feel like taking a ton of pictures of it so I'll just explain. First off, I added new lower control arms, ball joints, and CV axles. That is what is pictured here. Then I replaced all spark plugs and ignition coils. Then I had...
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    2001 R50 Pathfinder Build-up.

    Long Overdue Updates! It has been a while!! ' So the vehicle is starting to look more like what I had originally pictured it in my head which is good. Gas mileage has suffered but I am happy, which I think is the most important piece right? I have a couple pictures I will upload and I can give...
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    "Lola" - WreckDiver1321's 2005 Frontier CC/SB Nismo Build and Adventure Thread

    You think RI lights are a good deal? Hahaha that is a bad joke friend! Extremely expensive for no better light output. The internal build is a bit higher than ebay bars but output is no better.
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    2011 Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Build

    Unless they make a 40lbs bumper it is going to weigh a tad more than that. Do you see any need to add frame reinforcements for the additional weight?
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    2001 R50 Pathfinder Build-up.

    Needed Updates Okay guys Ill add photos tomorrow but I thought I should add some of the updated info for my build. ' I added bars to my front bumper so It will better protect my headlights (Also admittedly was looking at adding the bars that connects to the sliders like they do down under :) )...
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    2001 R50 Pathfinder Build-up.

    Did you have the Xterra pulling the trailer? I was trying to get a better look but I waved a little late. Thanks for the compliment! I haven't updated this tread in a while and some changes have been made that I need to reflect but I will just wait until Im off work. Welcome to ExPo! I don't...
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    R50 Pathfinder - mild build

    Can you post the wheel and tire specs? With my bumpers should fit 33's easy but need backspacing info.
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    Smittybilt XRC8 Winch Controller

    Hello Everyone ` Was out on Sevenmile Creek Trail the other weekend down by Rustic Colorado and the trail was more snow than I was ready to handle (long story), I found myself using my winch frequently that evening. At first the winch and controller worked flawlessly, towards the end of the day...