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    Eezi-Awn Blade tent W/ RCI rack

    September bump
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    Eezi-Awn Blade tent W/ RCI rack

    Tent info....
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    Seat covers?

    I have Carrhardt seat covers in the Tundra, they should last the life of the truck. I like canvas and stay away from sitting in wet seat covers. Do not like swamp seat
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    Eezi-Awn Blade tent W/ RCI rack

    Nice. Let me know if you want to get together to check it out
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    2021 F250 Godzilla Build

    Very nice!(y)
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    Eezi-Awn Blade tent W/ RCI rack

    So I'm selling my Eezi-Awn Blade tent and the RCI rack it currently sits on. Bought the tent and rack in November of 2019. It's a great setup and only selling cuz my needs have changed. The tent- in like new condition. This tent is gonna last a very long time. Extremely durable. Have wired in...
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    (partially) new Tundra coming?

    Remember this is what the PRO looks like. The other trim levels may not be so bad.
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    (partially) new Tundra coming?

    It's ugly and is like a mut since it looks to have a design cue or more from just about every manufacturer. may change your mind when the specs come out. Time will tell but I have a feeling the hybrid is gonna be a beast. With that said, my 2020 is gonna hold me over for a long...
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    High Topper Discussion/Decision Thread

    So I think I am going to get rid of the Eezi-Awn Blade and RCI rack and go with a high topper. Deciding to do this because I feel it would be easier to find a place to stop and sleep for a few while traveling long distances. Also because it would be nice to have the mountain bike locked up and...
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    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    Subcribed! This is a great build. I'm looking to get a top like yours but thinking about the flat roof with a rack to make things easier for mounting. Do you think the lower front really makes a huge difference with wind resistance vs the flat roof? Also how did you make your floor? Looked...