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    Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!

    It goes without saying and with a heavy heart; Victory will go up for sale this weekend. I am starting another airplane build project and upgrading to a Merc Sprinter Van later in the year.........assuming Sleepy Joe, Newsome, and their rolling circus get their ******** together. :ROFLMAO:Of...
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    Lr3 Shop in SoCal?

    Abrans CARRS4x4, Huntington Beach fo sho!
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    Called ole reliable Abran and his wife at CARRS4x4 in Huntington Beach, CA and they have me covered as always………going Odyssey PC1350 for Odyssey 49-950. I almost cheated; every vehicle I own has an Odyssey accept my new Tahoe but it came with a new battery wired to the Duramax Diesel so it‘s...
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    Anyone installed a Frontrunner Rack or pulled their headliner?

    If there is still a need or desire to see or do the headliner removal, let me know or check out my build page as I’ve had the entire interior out of my LR3; other than time, it’s quite easy and I can walk you or anyone else through it.
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    Just how much does an LR3 weigh?

    Yeah, Victory is getting a new battery and new coolant hoses/fittings all around this week and next; she is completely cleaned out in her pre-departure configuration and will go to the scales with a full tank of gas (No Aux) and the full-size spare hanging. I’ve thought about taking the ARB...
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    yeah, I’m looking at the Interstate and Deka; both H8 size as they fit and more the better. I ran a smart repair on the Odyssey and it’s pretty much toast at this point but went in somewhere around 2017 and got some good life from it. Odyssey would be a better option for weight saving but I am...
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    Great comments and points……..I’ll check them out; need to get one in ASAP before I need a starter too…hahaha
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    About time for me to finally replace the Odyssey PC1350 Start Battery on ole Victory; I like to poll the masses and ask who is running what size and brand for START (Primary) battery these days as I know battery tech is advancing like everything else? On that note, I have some remaining life...
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    LR3 Key Replacement

    This one came from a link I found on the LR Forums but can't confirm; it appears to be the same key, same frequency but has a removeable battery. There are 560+ sold so they gotta be good right? hahahaha Remote Flip Key Fob for 2006 2007 2008 2009 Land Rover LR3 Range Rover RRS | eBay
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    LR3 Key Replacement

    A while back i purchased a Genuine LR key for my LR3 and programmed it with my GAP Tool; I have both originals but want to replace them both as the rubber is worn out. I know peeps were buying Amazon shells and cutting them and then installing the factory guts from the OE keys but I would...
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    I'm not a gear head... would an LR3 be for me?

    Don’t need to be a gearhead; need to understand computer logic and electrical. I don’t mean need to fix all but knowledge of system interface is key. Love my LR3 as it’s served me well. Can’t say I’ll have it forever but will never ******** talk it.
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    My GF’s LR3

    In Oceanside; gotta link up with you peeps
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    LR3 gearing

    Agree w/ @Carson G, going to put that much coin and effort into the LR3, do a live axle swap.
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    DIY Green Oval Experience or Faskit or What do you carry for EAS trail failure?

    Jack up the vehicle to unload the full suspension weight before you air it up; front and rear crossmember works or left or right frame rail to do one side at a time. The GOE kit it’s a trail fix to get you off the trail, not a full-time solution so it will take ingenuity to problem solve...