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    New to me AEV JKU

    Looks nice! (y) what SAR Team you with?
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    Trail Kitchen in Jeep Wrangler JKU, CA

    I've built a few drawer systems for my jeeps based on the Goose Gear system, only better. I use extruded t-slot alimunium for the frame, and cabinet-grade birch plywood for the drawers and tops. Too bad you aren't in OR... I'd be happy to take on this fun project.
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    Trail Kitchen in Jeep Wrangler JKU, CA

    These are nice. It's a MORryde product, available from a variety of retailers.
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    Comms Radio setup

    My friend I overland with uses an overhead console (I cant recall who makes it) for all his radios. Not for me tho - I cant stand having cords swinging around. As for CB, I'd love to lose it, but here in the PNW we deal with logging operations - and they still use CB when hauling logs. It...
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    Comms Radio setup

    I also run CB (Cobra 75wxst), GMRS (Midland MXT275), HAM (icom 5100). All the "boxes" are under the driver seat mounted to a tray I fabricated. Antennas are all on lip-mounts attached to the hood.
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    Flat towing JEEP question

    I flat towed a 98 TJ, and now '15 JKUR - I attach my tow bar to the D-ring tabs on the front of the aftermarket bumper. No need for a baseplate system. I use this adapter from eTrailer:
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    J-style Kayak carrier on Front Runner Slimline II rack?

    NO worries. I was just looking for specific experience with this. I'm a Front Runner dealer, so I'm familiar with the adapter you mentioned. Thx. I've since found a solution off Amazon - folding J-style that will fit over the load bars on the Slimline rack (ie, 3.5in)
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    J-style Kayak carrier on Front Runner Slimline II rack?

    I'm running a Front Runner Slimline II 1/2 rack and want to add folding J-style kayak carriers (for 2 kayaks). Anybody have experience and recommendations on a particular brand/model? Yakima, Thule and Rhino are some that I'm considering, but there's a couple hundred others on Amazon that I'm...
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    Just bought a 16 JKU

    Nice find indeed! I look forward to seeing pics of the inside. And yes, in a Jeep, noisy is a "feature", not an issue :) (I just turn up the stereo a bit...)
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    JKU Trail Kitchen build....

    Thanks for the pic Randy. I hadnt considered that method for a butt-joint connection. In previous builds I made "L-brackets" out of aluminum L-angle, but that was very labor-intensive cutting, filing, drilling. I'm buying them this time! Also this time - for the main corners I'm considering...
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    JKU Trail Kitchen build....

    wow thanks for the info. I've seen their stuff on Amazon, but never gave it a look. This has everything. What size tap & hardware did you use for the corner connectors? Yes, 20mm is plenty beefy for this application, and far less-weight than 1/2in plywood.
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    JKU Trail Kitchen build....

    this is a really nice DIY setup. I've previously built a Box/drawer out of 80/20 for my TJ, and will likely do similar in my JKU. Plan to use fractional, 1". But... where'd you source these t-slot materials? (Assuming it's not "80/20") Thx.
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    Dometic CFX50+DFG Slide+Wolf Packs = Perfect Fit in a JKU

    Nicely done. (y) What did you use there for the floor/base system?
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    How many running the Rhino Backbone? Have you found a rear cargo area rack/shelf that will work?

    The Teraflex cargo rack should work. This one: Teraflex Jeep Wranger JKU Cargo Rack - ExploreOutdoor
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    Roof Racks, Awnings, and tents...

    Since you are going with a Rhino Rack , they do have a great batwing awning as well. Hit me up for more info.