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    Gas - Plastic or metal

    Back on the farm we always had inexpensive, plastic 5 gal gas cans. A piece of lashing and they road in the back of the truck into the field to rescue a tractor or up into the woods if the skidded needed juice or the power saws. That was in yesteryears, now I need to bring some extra fuel in...
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    M1078 1996 Stewart Stevenson 2.5 ton 4x4 truck - $13,000 (

    Not mine, no affiliation.
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    1978 Unimog - $42,000

    yea, seller is either trying to hid something or lazy. not 100% unique...but you might have to work to sell it.
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    1978 Unimog - $42,000

    1978 Unimog - $42,000 No affiliation _
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    Land Rover Defender 130 Camper - $24900 No Affiliation
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    Is it always this way or more due to the increase in camping interest due to covid-19?

    Like many folks, I scan the classified section here and and on craigslist. More and more I’m seeing folks trying to sell there used 4wheel camper for new money. “5 year old camper, with all the options would cost you $30K today + tax so Im going to ask $30k, what it would cost today, but you...
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    Kodiak 4x4 Expedition Vehicle in Fairbanks Alaska

    IF only it was a crew cab with more seating/seatbelts. From a post above "Kids sat in the dinette." Don't see how this would be safe? I know it wouldn't fly with us.
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    citroen HY VAN - $68000 (hidden hills) I think the outside has a coolness factor to it. Not sure about the 60" tv No affiliation.
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    Ford E350 Super Duty Econoline Van 4x4 Ambulance - $49500 (Morgan Hill) no affiliation
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    2008 Ford F550 EarthRoamer XV-LT #88 - $170000

    2008 Ford F550 EarthRoamer XV-LT #88 - $170000 no affiliation
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    Unimog Doka Camper Reno CL

    here it is on a facebook ad. That interior needs serious help.
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    Wanted: Flatbed Camper

    Here on the board for sale. Rebuilt four wheel camper turned into a flatbed camper by the Bison Folks. Looks well built and very nice. I believe Drew at Bison will also build you the flatbed...
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    Flatbed camper with bike racks?

    Any mountain bikers on here? We are on paper at this point trying to put together a flatbed camper set up. Trying to configure two different ways to go. 6 foot flatbed camper on an 8 foot flatbed. Push the camper to the back creating room for tunnel boxes right behind the truck...
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    Four Wheel Camper Custom on an old military HMMWV not mine
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    2019 Flatbed Four Wheel Camper on new 4x4 Cummins Ram - $125000 Lake Tahoe Not mine