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    Four Wheel Camper Custom on an old military HMMWV not mine
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    2019 Flatbed Four Wheel Camper on new 4x4 Cummins Ram - $125000 Lake Tahoe Not mine
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    1962 Omg 404

    The mpgs must be awful, I count 14 jerry cans on the roof.
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    Mercedes-Benz Unimog Doka, H-Zulassung, Expeditionsfahrzeug

    People are dropping over $100k on sprinter/promaster builds. No bathroom, just a porto potty and some without 4wheel drive. For less money you could get this...
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    update 2017 Ram Crew Cab Diesel or 2017 FWC Hawk FLATBED

    Sweet rig. GLselling. Question for you. Can you share the reason behind using a short bed truck vs a long bed truck for this set up? Since this truck is so well laid out Im sure a lot of thought went into this.
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    Uro-Camper? anyone have?

    Do you have any photos, info?
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    Uro-Camper? anyone have?

    Hey all. Stumbled across this outfit for a flatbed camper, Uro-Camper. From what I can understand they are out of Spain. Campers look pretty sweet. Check out the floor plan in the photo. Has anyone come across these, have one and/or is their someone in the USA doing something similar...
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    FWC Flatbed - 6.5 or 8 ft truck?

    Thanks. I was sure the long bed truck was the way to go but wanted to check. cheers.
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    FWC Flatbed - 6.5 or 8 ft truck?

    Hey folks. Looking for some real world experience/advice on truck length and flatbed length. I’ve done a search on the site but have not found the answers. Looking towards the future and trying to budget/see how things would work. Our plan is to put a Four Wheel Camper Flat Bed on a full...
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    FWC HAWK Flatbed on Tundra CrewMax, can it work?

    Thanks everyone for your input. appreciate it.
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    FWC HAWK Flatbed on Tundra CrewMax, can it work?

    Yes, you are right but they have a flatbed camper on an extended cab tundra. That rig came with a 6 foot bed. The crewmax is another beast altogether. Its a huge crew cab but only has a 5.5 foot bed. That is the week link of the crew max. Im sure the payload is different between these two...
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    FWC HAWK Flatbed on Tundra CrewMax, can it work?

    Hey Gang. I’m sure this has been tried/discussed, but I have searched all over the site and also lots of google searches too no avail. Has anyone put a Four Wheel Camper flat bed onto a Toyota Tundra Crew Max? The week link of the crew max is the 5.5 foot bed. IMO the slide inFWC would have...
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    2007 Tundra Crewmax UTE on 37"s

    GLWS. For info, how hard was it to bolt up the UTE flatbed? The 6.5 foot long bed takes the week link of the crewmax out of the equation. Seems like a more reasonable price point then the folks that are welding in extra sections of frame and taking a bed from an extended cab tundra. For the...