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    Modified 2011 Lexus LX570 (200 series) - Los Angeles

    Nice rig, but you’re asking about $25,000 too much. I can qualify that if requested. On edit: I joined EP in 2007 but I almost never post so I guess I’m still a new member.
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    I spent $200 on a Kermit Chair. But, the Kermit chair fits in my saddlebag. It doesn't look like that Bigfoot thing would work for moto-camping. I bet it's nice, though.
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    What is your opinion on the Yamaha 1200 Dual-Sport?

    Starting with a used KLR or DR650 is a good call. Head over to for EVERYTHING dual-sport.
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    Alps Riverside chair on sale REI

    I think you're right. My brother bought a brown version of what looks like the same chair from Bass Pro.
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    Propane cylinder storage?

    Mr. Heater Brass Propane Tank Caps. $6 from Cabela's.
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    Tent Recommendations

    I didn't see anyone mention Springbar or Kodiak Canvas. Unless I'm backpacking or motorcycle camping (neither of which I do much of anymore) I don't think I'd ever go back to synthetic tents. I'm EXTREMELY happy with my Kodiak 10x10 Deluxe. But, for a smaller more packable tent like OP is...
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    Kodiak Truck Bed Tent: Opinions?

    I agree that Kodiak Canvas makes a quality product. I looked that tent but ended up with their 10x10 ground tent. We base camp and go off on day-trips so a truck tent would mean breaking camp everyday. Not ideal for us. However, if we were to overland I would definitely consider the KC Truck...
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    Truck-camper recommendations for long-distance treks up North?

    Are you Ironduff over there, too? I'm Vapor_Trails here and there.
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    Camping gear?

    Some of the cheaper gear is absolutely worth buying. Go to Walmart. The vast majority of their camping gear is great for the average car-camper. Stay away from their tents, though. For a quality tent on a budget you might want to look at Alps Mountaineering. Here is a suggestion: Put together...
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    Roof top tent $800 good deal?

    Considering it has been over a year since that add was placed, I'm not surprised you were "a little late!" :cool:
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    Camper "tent" for pickup or trailer.

    No too sure how well I like the tent thing, but those stairs up to the tailgate are awesome!!! If anyone knows where to get something like that, please share.
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    Traditional Tent vs Canvas Tent INFO PLEASE

    I'm not sure about 60MPH mountain top winds but if you're planning on camping in those conditions you aren't looking at $400 tents. I can say that My Kodiak Canvas 10x10 stood up quite nicely in 30+ desert winds unlike the REI Base Camp 4 pictured below (user review on REI website):
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    Another So Cal Flip Pak

    No affiliation, but seems like a very good price. San Diego Flip Pak
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    Flip Pac in San Diego - Going to the crusher? I saw this today. And I have no idea if it's legit. But, if it is someone has to go get it.