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    07 Tundra 5.7 Reg Cab AT Habitat PRICE DROP

    Is this $36k all in or just the truck? Also, interior cab pics available?
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    FS: ARB 2000 Awning + LabRak Awning Brackets - Richmond, Va

    Selling a used ARB 2000 Awning and LabRak Awning Brackets. Used for about a year and a half. Nothing wrong with it. Includes guy-lines, bag, and stakes. LabRak Awning Brackets allows you to mount your awning to any circular crossbars such as Yakima or Thule. Little surface rust on nuts, but...
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    Pelfreybilt ::: Group 31 Battery Cage ::: Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ, GX470

    How is the hood clearance on the 4Runners? It's been a common issue that it's a very tight fit with Group 31s.
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    2 burner camping stove recommendations?

    Camp Chef Everest is great. I've been using it for all my trips. Review here
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    Nice little journey. What camera/lens are you shooting?
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    Overland XJs Unite!

    What is your suspension setup/what roofrack?
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    TMC'S XJ project "Fire-Road Runner"

    Keeping with your budget mind set I would obtain your 3" lift by grabbing some ZJ coil springs and stacking a few coil spring isolators to get you up in lift. For the rear, I would do a bastard pack utilizing an S10 main leaf with the eyes cut off. Adding this to your existing XJ leaf pack...
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    2000 XJ Project

    ^ I would wait until Black Friday. Usually they do something along the lines of 15-20% off. I think I'll be picking up their gas tank skid this year.
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    2002 Sedona Red Pearl WRX Wagon (112k)

    Make: Subaru Model: WRX Wagon Year: 2002 Mileage: 112,503 Color: Sedona Red Pearl VIN: JF1GG29642G804329 Location: Fairfax, Va I am selling my five speed 2002 SRP WRX Wagon. I have only owned this beautiful car for a short period of time and am the third owner. The primary reason for selling...