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    Please note, for technical questions or service issues of any sort, please send an email to info@ursaminorvehicles, as that helps us track issues, ensures a response, and allows for answers that might be specific to your unit. We may not notice forum postings or private messages, but we will get the email even if we're too busy to respond immediately! Thanks for your understanding. - John @ Ursa Minor Vehicles
    Hey, this is Mike (Herbie) from San Diego. We talked for a bit at the Meet-N-Greet on Saturday, and it was nice revisiting the eCamper in my thoughts. I've gone ahead and committed to buying an Astro van (due to the ease of 4x4 upgrades), but I still want a pop-top for it. GTRV in Vancouver will do a Westy style top for the it, but its very pricey and the bed is much narrower than what you offer.

    I know your website says you aren't doing other vehicle tops at this time, but I thought I'd ask anyway: Any chance you'd tackle a one-off project for a non-Element?

    To simplify things, I'll note that there are aftermarket "hi top" shells for the Astro. These are overkill (10" top is the smallest I've found), but maybe one might be "cut down" and used as a cap rather than have to mold a new top...

    Anyhow, it was good talking to you again. I wish you guys lots of success going forward since I think the eCamper is super cool!

    Mike "Herbie" Herbst
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