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    WTB Overland 4x4 Dispersed Camping Trailer

    I’ve been there and for the best bang for your budget you’ll likely need to build your own setup to stay around $7k. Some options: Maybe find a used old school Fleetwood Neon popup and renovate it to suit your needs. Add a RTT to your current vehicle and build a portable hot water setup. Buy...
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    National Luna Power Pack w/Dual Battery Controller

    I’ll take it and can PayPal if there are no issues. Please shoot me a message and let me know shipping to NC 27018 also does it include the main battery wiring with Anderson plug?
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    NC - GOBI JK High Lift Attachment brackets

    Not new but never used. We’re on my JKU rack for awhile and no longer needed. Could use a quick touch up spray with Krylon. GOBI part #GJWHILT (07-17 JK rack maybe others?) GOBI price $180 GOBI lead time - FOREVER PRICE: $105 flat rate shipped in continent US.
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    WTB 4th Gen 4runner

    I’m about to list our 2005 V-8 Limited. Has 262k but runs like a top. Timing belt, etc completed at 210k. Oil changed every 5k with Mobil 1. Clean NC title in hand Old Man Emu 3” lift 285x70x17 BFG ATs New Toyota TRD Pro Wheels RCI Engine/Trans skid RCI transfer case skid RCI rock rails with...
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    Sold - Blueridge overland Toyota 4runner Attic - SLC, UT

    If you’ll combine the chairs, table, and attic and ship to NC I’ll take them all.
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    SOLD - 2 x Luxury Low Beach Chairs by Snow Peak - SLC, UT

    Posted in your table thread. If you’ll ship the chairs with the table I’ll take them. Thanks.
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    SOLD - Single Action Beach Table by Snow Peak - SLC, UT

    Would you be willing to ship the chairs and table to NC? If so let me know a total and I’ll PayPal you the funds. -chris
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    Factor 55 Prolink

    PayPal sent.
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    Factor 55 Prolink

    $90 shipped to NC? Let me know I can PayPal.
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    *SOLD* 2003 AEV-Built Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and Tentrax Off Road Trailer

    If you decide to sell the trailer separately let me know. I’m in NC as well.
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    FOR SALE Gobi Stealth Rack for Jeep JKU

    Any interest in selling the front basket and/or maxtrax? If so send me a message. I’m in NC as well.
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    SOLD: 2017 Cross Country Teardrops Offroad Trailer

    I designed the trailer and then built everything except the body. Id vouch for its quality and would buy it back if funds allowed at the time.
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    F/S: Warn Zeon 10-S (New York)

    I’ll give you $160 shipped to NC for the rope... then you just need to sell the winch for $640... let me know if you’re interested.
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    (SOLD)2015 TENTRAX Offroad Tent Trailer - (Price Drop)$6,000

    I like it. Any idea what shipping would be to NC?
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    Group Buy: MaxTrax

    Please remove me. Shipping is $31 per set which pretty much negates the discount of $45...