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    James baroud grand raid xxl

    I have this exact tent going on 4 years. Great tent and I love it. Absolutely NO problems.
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    Latest Photo?

    I seriously considered going the Alaskan route. Love those campers but I just couldn't bring myself to move from the Land Cruiser platform.
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    Latest Photo?

    A stormy day on the Oregon coast.
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    Latest Photo?

    Lets go to the Painted Hills THIS summer. I was over that way a few times last year.
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    The Lunchbox 4x4 van is for sale

    I'm speechless. Don't know what to say.....
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    Seeking help purchasing / importing an HZJ75 from Australia to the USA

    Might poke around on this site. I'd look for something out of Europe if looking for a LHD. Also, check the classifieds on mud. Have you seen this?
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    Latest Photo?

    On the road in Baja.
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    My turn ...

    Yes, good luck and congratulations. I will be hopefully be following you in another year and a half. Just returned from Baja. You will love it there. Go to Agua Verde and relax for a bit.
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    The Ultimate Troopy: 80 series + 75 series + LS v8 = LSJ155

    It costs what it’s worth.
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    The Ultimate Troopy: 80 series + 75 series + LS v8 = LSJ155

    This is art. Great work here and thanks for posting. One hell of a commitment!
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    Latest Photo?

    Baja trip that I made at Christmas.
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    OME and ARB vendors
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    Coast to Coast to Coast, getting ready!!!!!

    Be sure to check out Navarro Woods State Beach campground. This place is just south of Mendocino, CA. I'd sure try to camp there a night or two. Fantastic. You will thank me later. Enjoy the trip.
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    Latest Photo?

    Dixie wishing the beach view was in MX or S America.
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    Latest Photo?

    Thanks for this. I religiously head to the car wash, either the same day or next after coming home from the beach. I use fresh water paying particular attention to the underside of the truck but a general wash all over as well.