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  • Paul, how are things on your side of the world? Any great adventures lately? I'm still looking for a job, but what I really wanted to share with you is tomorrow I'm getting an '84 FJ40 in extremely good condition. Doesn't have the diesel engine I was after, but everything works I'm psyched about having four wells under me again. Hope all is well in big blue. If you know of anyone looking for a wireline engineer I'm up for going expat :)

    Cheers mate
    So you have been fired ? or you are at risk ? as that does not make any sence as they just paid so much to get you there.

    I know some locations are having it tough, but I did'nt think maturin was being hit any worse than normall as Chavez is still desperate for money.

    You think this is issues due to the strike you guy's just had ?

    What deal do they give you for termination on IM.. ? if thats what happened.

    I know in cost cutting IM s usually get moved- not fired- out of a location that's revenue is dropping or just lost a contract, and then just moves to the location that just won a the merrygoround of who wins what changes locations

    Man that sucks big time if your fired
    Anways my grand plan at the moment is to move to Chile where finiquito money goes further and also gets me back into my mountains. There may be some possibilities to get connected with some WL work in Chile since ENAP just signed contracts with SLB just recently for logging geothermal wells being drilled in Northern Chile...right now one rig is in use and the end of the year should see around 14... could be interesting :)

    Well, if visiting a friendly south american country that has nothing to do with Chavez, you are more than welcome to come a visit me and my family in Chile. My trans-america trip will have to be postponed for a bit, but something easier to work out (much cheaper) is to do an off tracks tour of Patagonia (both Chilean and Argentine sides) in an FJ40.

    Bad news dude, I got the pink slip and the word on the street is all IMs are being removed from Maturin. I got called in the day before I was supposed to move to El Tigre. I got called in the same day as they fired the FSM. I also heard they fired an expat venezuelan who refused to go homecountry and take the FSM position.... needless to say my Ops manager is furious at the moment, since the decisions being made are above the geomarket level and no one is respecting his list of 'keepers' as opposed to eliminating engineers based on IM status or not. Quite realistically, the Ops manager will also be fired shortly and the remaining IMs feel like they are taking part in a witch hunt.
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