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    Another AWD Cargo build

    This van is really coming together. Well done, what a fun project.
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    First Foray into 4Runners - My 1st Gen Build

    Loved this entire build. I rebuilt a 1g Toyota truck so it brings back many memories. Thanks so much for sharing everything. Nice Yeti as well ;)
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    Transit AWD build overland style-I'm back in a van

    Loving this build, this is the dream. Keep up the great work!
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    Another DIY Portable Power Pack

    I also built out a 45ah setup in a packout box. I gotta say for overlanding the packout boxes have really over-performed.
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    Bryce's 3g Tundra overlanding build

    Current plan is to live on the road full time for a year. Taking the big jump. My house is on the market. Once sold we will be traveling from Minnesota down south to winter in AZ with the tundra and travel trailer. This will be a 3 month test run, then after that hopefully goes well I plan on...
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    Bryce's 3g Tundra overlanding build

    Last day with our large camper cooler. Just got a 12v fridge to replace it. Packout boxes are working great for tools I really need to add a drawer so I can have easy access to everything. Right now its a chore to get anything out behind that plastic bin. The view from inside the camper...
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    Thoughts on No Boundaries

    FS Cruise light 2019 24ft camper owner here. We also looked at the Nobo before buying the Cruise light. Travel trailer was bought new after it sat on the lot for 1 season, got a 50% discount on the price because they are so shotty the campers start rusting out/falling apart after 1 year. I...
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    2013 Chevy Express 3500 10' Cutaway Build

    What a clean build, this is really fun to watch come together.
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    Currently trying to order a AWD Transit. Every dealership I have contacted are saying the current wait is till Jan/Feb. Ouch. Hopefully its better in 2021
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    New van, new adventures

    I really enjoy the build. How do you like having the bed in the front to back direction vs side to side? I really like the layout, as a tall person I plan on doing a similar style interior when we build one.
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    Bryce's 3g Tundra overlanding build

    Just got back from the 20 days of travel in the Tundra. I drove it over 4k miles with no issues, sleeping in the back most nights on BLM land. It was amazing. After seeing a bunch of people with Van builds though, I'm seriously looking at trading it in for a 2020 Transit 4x4. I'm 6'2, and its...
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    1987 toyota pickup

    Amazing find, really looking forward to the build. The last one I had was a 88 that we ended up putting a gallon of filler in the quarters haha. Really jealous of the condition.
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    Bryce's 3g Tundra overlanding build

    Looking for suggestions for a good roof rack system for my ARE topper! I'm going on a 20 day trip to Utah biking starting this Friday. The Tundra will be only with us on half the trip but I'm excited to get to try out some of the new stuff we installed the last few weeks.
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    Bryce's 3g Tundra overlanding build

    This is the setup today in DD bike mode. I'm working on building a solar shower for the roof rack once I find one I like. In the picture you can see the roofing that we did with some hooks, lights and better mounting for the solar panel. Added some privacy curtains, sealing to keep bugs out, and...
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    Bryce's 3g Tundra overlanding build

    Extremely jealous, the ITR is one of my favorite cars of all time. Here are a few pictures of my current Honda's that I race. I have a 03 Honda S2000 that I built for Street time attack for Gridlife events. My 88 Honda Crx Si that I have been building for the last 20 years & drag...