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    Another Rustoleum $100 paint job

    I have done 2 burb paint jobs with rustoleum, but I used a small foam roller. One gloss white, one flat black. Gloss white started to loose its luster after 2 years, but still held on fine. Flat black just lightened up year after year.
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    EPA Diesel Engine “Delete Tuning” Crackdown...Is It Here Now?

    On our fleet of 35 diesels, most of them have been good for first 100 to 150k. After that replaced a lot of def tanks a d egr valves and coolers. Our guys tow 20 foot enclosed trailers weighing about 8k well over 50 percent of the time. We tried gas fords, and replaced a lot of exhaust...
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    EPA Diesel Engine “Delete Tuning” Crackdown...Is It Here Now?

    I just got hit with a 7k repair bill for replacement of the urea dosing tank back to the tailpipe. Little contamination from somewhere in the def and it wiped out most of the hardware. Was on a 2015 2500 Chevy bone stock, 265k on it. And the dealer had the truck for over 2 weeks. Makes me...
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    Paging fellow Yetis...

    I've had good fit in late 90's and square body burbs, but made brackets to move driver seat back and tilt the front up. I'm 6'8" at 290lb. My current daily driver is a 2005 Durango limited, and with the seat all the way back it's got ok legroom. Not as wide as a burb though.
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    Anyone have experience with Hydrogen generators?

    No teardown after that test, but all of our vehicles were on a regimented maintenance schedule, and we rarely had anything noteworthy at a teardown in regards to build up.
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    Anyone have experience with Hydrogen generators?

    I was tasked to test a system on a hmmwv in a previous life. No measurable impact on fuel economy, and I had 24v at 200amp to utilize. Takes more power to separate the water than is created. At least that's what my experience was on a 6.5.
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    Old Truck Suspension Question - KNOWLEDGE NEEDED

    Looks stockish to me. Should have no trouble finding something far more comfortable to replace them
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    Chevy 6.5l Turbo Diesel.

    Absolutely, if you want to use a stock side mount turbo heath diesel makes a spring loaded waste gate actuator. If it were me, I would find a hx35 and use that. They can be found with a mechanical waste gate stock, and you wont be forced to carry as much boost under light load. The stock gm...
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    Chevy 6.5l Turbo Diesel.

    250hp in a 6.5 will usually result in 500lbft, which is what my last suburban had. It towed ok, and was fun to drive, but a juiced Cummins it was not.
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    Chevy 6.5l Turbo Diesel.

    Aardvarcus, just to clarify some 6.5 history, gm sold the 6.5 to am general. Gep was set up as a wholly owned subsidiary of AMG for the purpose of engineering and production of the 6.5. Most of the design fixes that were introduced under gep were engineered by GM, and just had not yet been...
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    Reliability of 4wd conversions

    Whatever you do, make sure what is used for parts is well documented and understood. Your going to have to be the smart one at oreillys guiding the part guy to what you need.
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    Chevy 6.5l Turbo Diesel.

    I've had 3 6.5 burbs, no issues. Safe to push to 250hp, but I would not go much further than that for long life if it's doing any work.
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    2000 Suburban K1500 budget low lift with 37"s

    I sure love this thread
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    Durango/Expedition/Tahoe - Chassis and Suspension differences?

    We bought a used 2013 expedition limited, 50k on it. Been flawless so far. Appears to have a boxed frame everywhere I can see. Rides great, far less costly than a similar age tahoe.