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    Overland 4x4 f150 turnkey for the holidays

    Clearly a “less is more” case. I don’t even know the actual truck details
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    JL Rubicon Unlimited - Austin TX

    JL is the new front end and tech goodies.....
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    COVID prices .. just me ?

    💯! I’ve been wanting to buy a full size truck or 4run/Jeep on here but everyone is valuing their builds as if they are made of gold. I’m just looking for a fair deal but dang, i can’t justify top top dollar. That’s my .2. Keep up the the nice builds and I’ll continue with patience.
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    For sale or trade Built 2014 4runner

    I’m not trying to be a jerk but i believe in transparency, especially among a community like this... after doing some research and speaking with the original owner of this vehicle, it was not in an “off-road mishap“, it was in a flood. It’s also my understanding that the shocks need to be...
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    2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock

    Cmon, it’s been over 2 years since the last post. Lol
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    Custom 2011 Rock Warrior Supercharged Expo Tundra with Flippac

    I don’t see them either. I checked out the IG but appeared to be a lot of Tacoma pictures...
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    SOLD - 2010 4Runner Limited | Full Overland Build | $28,000.- (REDUCED) | Carmel, IN

    Having owned many 4runners and living in Colorado, the market is much stronger here for 4x4’s than the Midwest. I’m surprised you haven’t accepted the dealer offer of 24k you told me about because that’s a good deal IMO. Either way, I’m rooting for you and appreciate a well built 4runner.
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    2013 Ford Raptor with AT Overland Habitat camper

    I like the whole combo and it’s a nice setup, just seems cheaper to buy them separateZ
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    Did you have a tent on top and do you still have it?
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    12’ JKU Rubicon (One Tons, AEV, Low Miles)

    I’ll be following this on numerous forums. As the price drops, my intrigue will grow. I’ve been in search of a jku with 60s. I almost bought the JKU W/ Ursa Minor from Canada but the timing was off. Thanks