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    Help me find my next truck. Ford 7.3 or Ram 5.9

    Of course, this weekend would be fine. Let me know what time would work for you. My days are completely open for the most part. Just bring a face mask with you so that when we take it for a drive we can both be safe. I did not mention in my ad that this 7.3 engine is the ambulance package with 2...
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    Help me find my next truck. Ford 7.3 or Ram 5.9

    I am the owner of the 2002 7.3 F-350. Here are my thoughts: After looking at the Ram trucks, I realize that you do not need all the extras that I purchased for my truck. When I purchased the truck, I added these extras because I was surfing in Baja and skiing quite a bit. However, because I have...
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    2002 F-350 XLT Lariat Crew Cab 7.3 Diesel

    Thanks Lucky! I checked out your truck as well. Great looking rig. Best wishes with the continued build. Where would I find he thread you posted? Were you in Hood River today?
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    2002 F-350 XLT Lariat Crew Cab 7.3 Diesel

    Here is a link to my truck that I am selling on Craigslist: Since we purchased our Chinook Baja 4X4 we no longer use this truck. $19,500 OBO
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    E-450 Winnabago 4X4 Motor Home

    That is my error. I edited the original. Thanks for pointing this out
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    E-450 Winnabago 4X4 Motor Home

    This is not mine. I do not know the sellers. This rig is parked up the road from where we live in Hood River, Oregon.
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    2003 Chinook Baja, California, $65,000

    We own a 2000 Chinook Baja 4x4 with the Quigley conversion. It is very similar to this one that is currently for sale. For 2 people it is wonderful. Full wet bath, kitchen, 4K Onan, king sized bed, heated grey and black tanks,12k winch, A/C, solar panel, forced air furnace, etc. Ours has a...
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    The original overlanding rig for sale

    Wow! Talk about "back to the roots". Ingenuity at its best.
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    1995 Provan Tiger CX

    What a neat rig. A couple things that I am drawn to are the cab over bed and side entrance. I wish our Chinook Baja featured this layout. Seems to be a fair asking price as well. Lots of new stuff. Who ever buys this will have a wonderful adventure vehicle.
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    2001 Tiger Provan 4x4 Hard Top - $30000 (Fort Collins, CO)

    I will agree with 68 Camaro on this. I have no experience with the Tigers however I have heard nothing but good things about them. Last spring we purchased a 2000 Chinook Baja 4x4 with 46K on the Triton V-10 and continue to be amazed at how well it is built and the attention to detail inside...
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    Redwoods via Howland Road

    Great photo is that your rig I
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    Redwoods via Howland Road

    We just returned from a too short 4 day trip from Hood River, Or. to the Jedediah Smith Redwoods Park in California. We drove the Howland Road through the Redwood forest. It is a short but very scenic 7 miles. The more time we spend in the new to us, Chinook Baja 4X4, the more we enjoy it...
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    Chinook 4x4 in Portland, Or.

    I have no affiliation with this vehicle. I own a Chinook 4x4 and am an aficionado.