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    How would you outfit this custom LJ?

    Very nice stuff as always! The trailer is really coming along. You make it look easy, even though I know its not. The window on the front would be nice. I would worry too much about a rock hitting it and breaking it.
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    TJ as road trip/overlander?

    Seems like a fair deal for the 2 door to me; not the best, not the worst. Assuming it is in road worthy condition. I would expect to quickly put $2500 into any used vehicle of that age and mileage after the purchase. I would not buy anything rusty or heavily modified. Definitely look at the...
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    Human 💩, Part Two (since the original got locked)

    Should there be a law requiring toilet paper owners to carry insurance? :unsure:
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    TJ as road trip/overlander?

    I'd consider the salvage title. That XJ looks ok in the photos. The price is not outrageous for the times. But I'd make sure of two things: being street legal and insurable. I think some states, like Ohio perhaps, will not let you title a salvage vehicle for road use. I know many states will...
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    Oklahoma K Trail East 2022 (Kiamichi Trail)

    Good on the Lexus for saving the day.
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    TJ as road trip/overlander?

    I took my old TJ on multi-day trips. Same with my current LJ. Youve just got to be satisfied literally being in the slow lane. And love the Jeep experience. Youve got to really want the Jeep at your final destination.
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    Silliest thing I have done... add to the list.

    I found a hat one time. It was really cool, but I caught lice from it. Really stupid of me. Anyway, back to the hat... I was driving along in my Jeep. A U-Haul truck passed me in the opposite direction and kept going. Then some angry guy in the neighborhood flagged me down. He had this really...
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    1980 CJ7 build

    Thanks for the update. It's looking good!
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    Grilling fail

    Zero. I was fueled by sobriety and overconfidence--the only two flaws in my otherwise perfect character. 😎
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    Grilling fail

    Not so much a grilling story, but still food. I was all set to cook meatloaf at home one night. I had all the ingredients. Except we had run out of eggs. I decided the 20 minute round trip to buy some eggs would be a waste of time. I googled egg alternatives and found bananas might do the...
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Sir, You are living, inventing, thinking, and operating on a level far superior to the rest of us. I am in awe of what you do and the way you freely share it here. Thank you.
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    How are you guys handling yourselves in strange circumstances off the grid?

    Deadly force is deadly force. Whether its from a firearm, fists, rocks, or wasp spray. If the law allows you to put a bullet through another's heart, it allows you to put wasp spray in a face. A weapon of necessity is not necessarily unlawful. I doubt think it would invoke the federal law...
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    How are you guys handling yourselves in strange circumstances off the grid?

    ... That prompted me to do some "internet research". Wasp spray is a neurotoxin that can permanently blind a person and mess them up big time if they get a large enough dose, but it is not fast acting and won't stop a determined attack. Pepper spray really doesn't either, but... It is also not...
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    Nevada Trophy Signups End This Saturday

    Were people paying $850 in the last few years to participate? How popular was this thing? And how much did it actually cost to organize?