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    UJOR Build Thread

    The Alaska 5.4... there are lines that run around the perimeter of the side and back windows in your pictures. Is that cosmetic, or is there something more interesting going on there?
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    4R100 UJOR build question

    I converted my 4R100 from 2wd to 4wd at home for my DIY van build. I'll say that doing it to save money is not the right reason. I did it because I really wanted to rebuild an automatic, and I budgeted money in my build to repair or replace the transmission in the event that I botched it. So...
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    Another Van Build... E350 V10 4x4 & Cargo Trailer

    Polypropylene and polyethylene are a real pain to bond. Recently I had a 3M rep demonstrate some structural acrylics that do a pretty good job (DP 8010 I think), but they were very pricey even in bulk and they require special applicators as they mix at some less-common ratios. That option might...
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    Replace Engine or Move onto Newer Van?

    There's a video on YouTube where a guy pulls a 6.8l out of a cutaway van with an engine hoist. I think he pulled the intake manifold off and rigged a lift point tight and low in the valley with a chain. At some point I think I saw a picture where someone welded up a mount that attached to the...
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    The ManVan. 06 E350 Chateau V10

    Any chance you have some photos showing how your exhaust is routed away from your front driveshaft? Am I mistaken, or is that something that needs to be moved for V10 vans?
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    MG Metalworks Van Build

    You know, at first I didn't recognize your spring perch/shock mount brackets. I thought the raised spring perch was something new. That and the low angle shots of your rear axle made me think that your rear spring perches looked like lift blocks. It had me thinking that you had raised the...
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    MG Metalworks Van Build

    Did you add spacers under your coil springs?
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    Hyperdrive build - 6" Expovans conversion

    It's funny.... I feel like I am in the same boat you were, building essentially the same van... staring at a pile of parts and a pair of axles in the garage waiting for the weather and the time to start tearing into it. I look forward to seeing how you go about building the interior. I too...
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    MG Metalworks Radius Arm/Coil Spring Axle Conversion for E-series Vans

    I would also appreciate the swaybar photos. I'm still working on my axles and rebuilding my transfercase, but I have one of MGs braket kits waiting to go under my 2002. I had swaybar links for my Jeep with a pin for a quick disconnect. Has anyone here looked for something similar for the...
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    Coincidentally, I randomly happened across this particular AWD with driver side doors.
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    AstroSafari Tiger Provan GT restoration advice?

    I also have an '88 Tiger, but an XL with a fixed, solid top. In the event you haven't found this yet: I'm told the GTs have spring loaded hinges in the lift panels. Be careful when working...