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    Building an upper bunk/cot in pop-up truck camper

    I like your ingenuity! I can't say I'm super comfortable with the strength of those attachments but it also looks like you know what you're doing. And also you tested it yourself first so: thumbs up.
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    2011 CC LWB Frontier with Vagabond Drifter

    I've got a 6M CC LWB Frontier as well. I love seeing yours. Keep us updated. I'm jealous of your topper.
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    2019 Frontier SV 4x4 Crew Cab LWB weekend adventure truck build

    To each his own. Looking through a rear-view mirror (glass) and 3 more layers of glass still works fine for me. I could live without rear glass but I prefer it. As for the side: I like being able to see out when I’m in there. You can always block with shades if you’re worried.
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    2016 Flip Pac for Sale ---SOLD---

    OP what are the chances of you coming through the Southeast anytime soon?
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    Winches and circuit breakers/fuses/disconnects

    OP I felt the same as you and the conclusion I came to (for simplicity and cost) was to install a heavy-duty isolator switch. It's normally off and the twice a year I need the winch I pop the hood and flip the switch and we're good to go. At least if there is a short I'll find out when I'm...
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    Another cheaply, homemade Taco Pop Up

    AbleGuy: I'm subscribed to this forum looking for something similar for my 6' Frontier. I appreciate your work aggregating these adds for the lightweight popups here. They are tough to find.
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    WTB camper for F250 Long Bed

    You might actually get some help if you provide your location, budget, time window, amenities you want, etc.
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    Using a GFC, Super Pacific, Camp King....etc

    I'm curious as well. Looking forward to some info.
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    GFC Click Bait or Legit?

    Seems legit at first glance. Sometimes people's email goes to spam or they just are disorganized and don't respond to everyone. /shrug. The definite scams I've seen on craigslist involve phone numbers or emails baked into the images to circumvent the CL relays. Anytime you see that just flag...
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    2019 Frontier SV 4x4 Crew Cab LWB weekend adventure truck build

    Thanks for the update. I like seeing where this goes. Throw some pictures up sometime.
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    2019 Frontier SV 4x4 Crew Cab LWB weekend adventure truck build

    Sounds like you need a duct-tape blinder slapped on there real quick!
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    New PRG Aluminum Coilovers - Buyer Beware

    THanks for the report. Let us know if you get an update.
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    2011 CC LWB Frontier with Vagabond Drifter

    The 6MT is great. I find the gears spacing is generally great. 6 is quite low for freeway cruising. Towing means 5th gets more use. I like the simplicity and at-home repairability of the 6MT. I generally just like shifting my own gears. On the flip side, on really rough off-road...