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  • You would love to see my friend Eddie's van. He bought a Syncro tin-top, and after a few years converted it to a Westfalia roof, installed a Subaru, paint it from dull brown to bright red and installed the Westfalia interior - all within a year's time frame! Next year my friend Steve is installing a 6-cyl SVX Subaru in his 2WD van. He has done suby conversions before-in a bug as well as a Vanagon. I'm slooowlly installing an in-line VW 4 (Jetta/Golf) motor in my van. I'll be running a Syncro trans to have a rear locker and a creeper gear. Not sure how much use I will get out of that, but it's still something I want to do.

    Happy trails,
    Hi John,

    I'm a huge Vanagon (Syncro) fan. Someday I'll get one and do the Subaru conversion. I'd like to see your van at some point.
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