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    Camper Builder Comparison (UNICAT vs. GXV etc.,)

    Having owned and own a couple of expedition vehicles, my recommendation for you is a 4x4 Frieghtliner or International Chassis with the box/RV built by Showhauler out of Indiana. Built like a tank, they should be able to meet your customization requirements. It will have the comfort your wife is...
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    I have a new Zero FX and will be using it with my EarthRoamer LTI. I will be playing with the charging and I will let you know how it goes over the next few weeks.
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    Beautiful vehicle. How long will the vehicle length be? Tip to tail. Thanks
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    Re Earthroamer Lti

    It is a CZONE controller. The EarthRoamer HD's have been using CZONE for a couple of years. According to the owners, this is a fantastic control system that is simple to use, reliable, and integrates all of the electronics.
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    Earthroamer: new tire/wheel/suspension

    Have used the system for a total of 7 years with heavy use on 2 different trucks. No problems whatsoever.
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    Two Rivian R1T being tested down in Tierra Del Fuego

    This will be on Apples new streaming service.
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    New Carbon Fiber EarthRoamer

    I believe that total weight savings will be 1000 + pounds.
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    New Carbon Fiber EarthRoamer

    Link below:
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    Extreme use Earthroamer

    I have had a ER in all of those locations for weeks on end. There have been multiple ER's up in the Yukon, Arctic Circle and Alaska this summer. Their will be ER's headed to Mexico/Baja and Central America this Fall and Winter. Great vehicles and wonderful service provided by ER.
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    Ready to make larger committment, seeking ideas

    I think you should look at a new Tiger or a used Earthroamer. Enough size to be comfortable and host guests, and capable of getting you to campsites that most others can't get too.
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    Any owner of a Earthroamer in the San Jose, Ca area

    It’s worth a plane ticket to go visit the factory outside Denver. They will have used vehicles for you to look at as well as a factory tour. Good fun!
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    Overland Recovery Gear We Use & How We Pack It in The Garage Area In Our GXV Turtle

    Having a similar background as you, as well as a large expedition vehicle. I always carry a good shovel, actual maxtrax type traction boards, and a tow rope in addition to the equipment that you are currently carrying. I have used my winch, as well as the items listed above on more than one...
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    Researching motorcycle lift/carrier for an OEV.

    I had Adventure Trailer build a motorcycle trailer for my motos. I have trailered two GSA’s for many consecutive days off road with out any problems or limitations.