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    Tacoma Double Cab Airbag Switch Blank

    Ditto. I came here looking for the same thing.
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    1st Generation Toyota 4Runner's.....

    A Delorean? Interesting. Bummer about your truck, but it sounds like you made the most of it :>D
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    4-person Rooftop Tent

    What's your startup @TELOS? Something expedition related? :-D
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    Exceptional 2008 Toyota Tacoma, Prepared by AT Overland

    It looks like it's back on the market.
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    1982 Toyota Trekker

    This is a very familiar looking rig... :-D Toyota : Other Trekker for sale Sale price: $6,495.00 Very rare 1982 Toyota Trekker in good condition and nicely built for expeditioning or hard core rock crawling. or just a daily driver/weekend...
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    1987 toyota 4x4 22RE

    I think that nearly all Toyota of this vintage leak at the power steering box, just enough to keep them wet and it never gets worse. I had an 88 4Runner that was like that for almost 10 years and it never worsened not really consumed a lot of fluid. That is a really high price for a 4Runner...
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    Old Spare Tire Space, what should I use it for?

    Fuel tank if you need the extended range. Scott Brady's install in his Tacoma was pretty clean. I personally dislike filling with gas cans. A water tank would be nice... 10 gallons with the mass low and not taking up space in the...
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    1982 Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen Van $39,900

    That's what I thought when I first saw it. I assume it's a refrigerator.
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    '85 Longbed/Wildernest diesel CL find.

    It's got the best of everything available that year... 1985 = solid front axle, super clean 28-32mpg diesel, pluse a wildernest. It should definitely sell for a premium price. $16.5K is much more than I would pay for it, I think you could get a Tacoma w/wildernest for a comparable price or...
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    BBC story on Toyota trucks

    The author doesn't really know Toyotas very well. The Hilux and Tacoma are two completely different vehicles in design, engine, and specifications other than having 4 wheels. Interesting article otherwise.
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    Seattle to the Darien Gap in a sub $5,000 Toyota - What would you buy?

    IMHO, I'd go with a 90 - 95 4Runner 4 cylinder 4WD. I think they are cheaper than the 3rd gen and probably 1st gens also, the premium price for a removeable top wouldn't be worth it not to mention that the 4doors would be nice at times. 22REs are very reliable mechanical/electric and parts are...
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    Who makes the very best white gas stoves and lanterns?

    Wow, my Google-**** must have been weak when I went searching for the part. Thanks!
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    Who makes the very best white gas stoves and lanterns?

    I've picked up 4 stoves and two lanterns at thrift stores the last few years, only one stove had problems with the fuel having turned to varnish. I've no idea how old it is, but it could have been 30 years old. I think that it might be wise to store a stove/lantern full so as to leave as...