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    Will any of the Garmins have better GPS than phone?

    I may be misunderstanding your question. However, phones use cell phone towers to triangulate your locations it is not GPS. An actual GPS uses the Global Positioning System which consists of satellites in space, usually 4-6 of them to calculate your location. The GPS systems covers the entire...
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    Suggestions wanted on Alum trailer builder/brand.....

    I am in the market to have a custom trailer built. I have been trying to work with ATC (aluminum trailer company) to little avail. Does anyone have a brand they would like to recommend? Preferably one you have had a custom trailer built with in the past. I know of a couple threads on here...
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    JK rear winch and shower install

    Well, finally installed a wireless remote on the rear winch. $16 well spent. I wired it to the console switches. Been thinking of putting another one for the front, undecided on that. I never liked the wired controller that came with the Engo, extremely cheap. I put another wireless remote on...
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    Warn 16.5Ti

    A bump, I know someone needs cash now......
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    Warn 16.5Ti

    Looking for a used, but in good condition Warn 16.5Ti if you got one and need cash now......
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    Tire pressure for trailer tires

    The same pressure. You want the least amount of rolling friction as possible in any situation for a trailer. The reason to lower tire pressure off road is to create a larger contact patch (surface area) between the tire and ground thus giving you more available traction. Doing this to a...
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    Stranded and solutions? What would have helped?

    Couple of suggestions here. First is know the weak points on your specific vehicle. In these days of the information super highway (showing my age here) finding forums for your specific transportation is easy. I have a JK and have over-built it for reliability by beefing up all the...
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    To roof rack or not?

    Not sharing what exact vehicle you have is handicapping the discussion. In general, the drawbacks of a roof storage system is higher COG (that you mentioned), increased wind resistance and noise, clearance issues in wooded areas, and hassles for the vertically challenged. Of course, some...
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    Super Duty ball joints

    I replaced the ball joints on my F350 some time in the '06-'07 range, really can't remember what I used. Knowing me it was probably NAPA brand. I also run the dynatrac ball joints on my JK. Dynatrac is top-of-the-line but may be more than your customer needs. You can get Moog greaseable for...
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    Which Warn

    From those two given your extreme usage I would go with the tried and true design of the Warn 9500 XP. I reviewed the warn material available and the Platinum does not give you an easy hard wired option. IMHO fancy add-on option are more vulnerable to Murphy's law. On the topic of the...
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    The Reality of Handling Trailers in the Back Woods

    You ask an extremely valid question. Surprised I missed this thread last month and that it is up to five pages. Trailers do become a hindrance off road and that is why there is a whole niche market for a light weight "off road" trailers. However, these fully loaded "light weight" trailers are...
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    I'm tired of crappy Sun Showers....any good ones out there?

    OK. that is awesome on many different levels.
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    Man takes his dog, dying of cancer, on one last, epic road trip

    Wonder if he got the idea from that Subaru commercial....
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    How long is too long for an expedition truck/camper?

    100% sure not cop will bother you for the 6" in height. I am positive the intent of the law is to stop commercial vehicles from parking there, possible RVs but it is hard to guess since the larger area is not shown in the picture.
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    ACTUAL capacities of Yeti v Pelican v RTIC coolers

    Not really, those that use fridges get to eat frozen ice cream. :D Just a little humor there. Each is a tool in the toolbox. I have a nat luna, rtic, and several coleman each is used for a different purpose or situation.