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    WTT for a Batwing style awning

    Though I post some pic of the current build I have on my camper set up. Would love the shading for bike trips this summer!
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    WTT for a Batwing style awning

    Looking to trade my mountain bike a Surly Karate Monkey for 270 or Batwing style awning long shot I know but just though I ask. The bike is medium frame so any where 5’7”-5’10” would be the perfect height. Please message will see extra pictures and build out. I already have two bike boxes and...
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    2006 Dodge Mega cab camper home build (with Pictures)

    What is the story behind the roof rack setup? I love this build one the best dodge mega cabs out there.
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    2006 Megacab and a truck camper ???????

    Updated on the shell that fit megacab beds. Please excused the brackets on the tank; this pic was just for a test fit all my parts that have been coming in slowly. I source a baskets that will fit my 6’LX11”Diameter that will be my water source for my trips. I have two of the exact same tanks...
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    2006 Megacab and a truck camper ???????

    I just purchase this BrandX commercial model hard side camper. The truck in the pic is not mine. I do have a 2008 5.7 hemi Mega cab with the 6’ dove tail bed. But the truck in the pic has the same 6’ on the mega cab. I haven’t gotten the chance to weigh the truck with the camper yet but is...
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    Dodge Megacab leer parts

    For sale left side window and rear glass with struts along with all mounting hardware and hardware to mount slider to the side window. Looking for $150 for everything sold as a set. LOCAL pick in the Austin area willing to help out a fellow Texan if meeting is need. Also willing to help ship...
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    How hard could it be? My home built pop-up camper project

    What company did you in up sourcing the that door from?