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    Abenteuer & Allrad 2019!

    two mates and me were talking about Bad Kissingen this year, but actually dont know if we can do it, damn work and **** :D the trucks look amazing
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    Overland Trip to Sardinia

    wildcamping is like in the most parts of europe strictly forbidden in whole italy. but the most hotels and nearly every campground we've seen is still closed until aprl/may, so nobody was interested. Every evening we reduced our whole setup to let it look like parked cars
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    Overland Trip to Sardinia

    A few pics of a friend and mine overlanding trip to Sardinia. A beautiful island 😍😍 We travelled some different spots on the east and westcoast and in the center of the island. During the offseason it's very calm on sardinia. One day we spent on "le dune di piscinas", one of the largest dunes in...
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    Overnighter Lausitz

    yes i know, everything what means fun without spending money is forbidden in Germany, or better, not expressly allowed, and thats the greyzone. The old mine is private property and the most areas are not locked or fenced. No plaintiff, no judge. you know whats the deal, nobody shares forbidden...
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    Overnighter Lausitz

    Hi, last year two buddies and i went out, looking for some overlanding action in germany. Its not easy to find nice and legal spots out of offroadparks to use the 4wd button. So we searched on Maps and Earth for some lost spots and we have found a closed coal mine, not really legal but also not...
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    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    my 03 Trailblazer LTZ EU Spec, atm no lift, only 245/70r17 tires, 50mm lift springs are in progress and 265/75r16 wheels are waiting to get mounted
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    Trailblazer Build Daily Driver & Overlanding

    wow, really nice TB. especially the swap to the 8.6 rear axle is very cool. i thought about the same swap to fit a reasonable, eaton e locker or detroit, locker. greetz from hanover
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    Chevy g30 Pathfinder

    Hi, you got any specs of your car?