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    On Board Air Parts source

    Amazon has fittings, manifolds hoses, etc. OK 4wd has all of the Arb fittings, leader hoses, etc. Crown performance will make you custom length braided stainless air lines if you need leader lines or want heavy duty lines for the system.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Thank you sir.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Got out for a little ride in the snow this weekend.
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    Ram Hemi towing experiences?

    I don't think you are going to see it do much better than the 6.0 without some gears. If you are not super happy with how that tows and then you are going to throw a slide in camper in the mix, you might be asking a lot of the truck. I agree with Halligan you want 2500 or larger and if you...
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    Vanilla Gorilla: 2017 Power Wagon build

    It just keeps looking better and better. Great build.
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    1/2 Ton VS 3/4 Ton Trucks for Four Wheel Camper Hawk model?

    I am in a 3/4 ton now. If I were thinking of a slide in camper of any sort I would be looking to jump up to a 1 ton. Sit down and do the math on what the camper plus all the provisions, gear and warm bodies will weigh. It adds up fast. It is a lot easier/more comfortable to have a little...
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    Vanilla Gorilla: 2017 Power Wagon build

    I thought they looked deep. Are the tires 12.50s or 13.50s? Thinking of those wheels for my Wagon. Thanks again.
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    Vanilla Gorilla: 2017 Power Wagon build

    You won't regret the 5.13s. Sorry to hear about your fenders. At least they are going to make it right. Been meaning to ask you, are your AEV wheels 17x8 or 17x10? Thanks.
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    40's vs 37's. What's the reality while daily driving?

    Very good point. Make sure this is done or plan on going to the expense of doing it as you as you get the truck.
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    Bought a Power Wagon, Attempting to Document

    Great looking truck, congrats. Looking forward to watching your build.
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    Thuren Ram 2500/3500 rear bumper, with swing out!

    Was super excited to see this on Instagram. Really looking forward to seeing how it comes together.
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    Post your device mount pics

    Hard mounted a Ram Mount ball on the dash in my 2500. Typically keep my phone there but can switch to a larger head for tablet, etc.
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    ARB Jack First Review, Leaky Christmas

    Radflo makes one that is serviceable. I don't have any experience with them but am currently considering one of these or a Safe Jack Kit. Might be worth a look. Radflo: Safejack:
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    PowerTank 5lb propane tank bracket review

    AT makes an aluminum one: