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    Prevolander 93 Bronco

    Love what you've done so far! Todd Z.
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    Sierra Expeditions

    The brick and mortar store is gone too. I drove by a few weeks ago and noticed the building was empty as I went by. Todd Z.
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    Guess who's back!?! Atl-atl's K5 Blazer + Four Wheel Camper "The Crawlin Cabin" documentation thread!

    Bummer that you have to sell it after all the work you put into it - a friend sent me the WTW link this morning which led me over here to this thread - not sure how I missed it initially. I didn't realize fourtillfour was doing the meet ups again or I would've come seen it this morning. I...
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    Need a better remote temp sensor for my Engel MT45

    Thank you - this one appears to be in my budget! Todd Z.
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    Need a better remote temp sensor for my Engel MT45

    Thanks for the info! Todd Z.
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    Larry's 1978 K10

    Every hydroboost I've worked that was made later than 1980 uses 16mm and 18mm adapters to hook up the -6AN hoses. I haven't looked at a GMT800 hydroboost units specifically, but I'd bet it uses the same sizes. Todd Z.
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    Need a better remote temp sensor for my Engel MT45

    For many years, I've used an Engel remote thermometer in my Engel fridge - the one that displays time, external temp, and internal temps. However, it's never worked very well because the fridge temp reading goes out and I learned the trick of popping the batteries out of the remote sensor to...
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    Any full-size Broncos around here?

    Nice looking rig! Todd Z.
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    What's unique about this 1978 International Scout Traveller?

    One of my neighbors when I was growing up in Prescott, AZ, was a mail carrier and had a RHD 4x4 Scout II (his was an '80, iirc). It was a nice rig at the time - only a few years old - I wonder whatever happened to it. Congrats on your purchase! Todd Z.
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    TJ/LJ Adjustable Control arms with no Heim Joint?

    Perhaps a compromise with the MetalCloak Duroflex joints? They're supposed to be a nice compromise between the stock rubber and higher durometer flex joints like Johnny Joints, etc. Todd Z.
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    RamCruiser...the build

    Very cool thread, Phil! Looking forward to all the mods you do on this truck. I've spend a lot of time with Mark (crawler #976) on the trails with his PW (Cactus Red) over the years here in AZ. Great trail rig for its size. He eventually sold it a few years back because he needed a higher...
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    Fix Bump Steer - Adjusting Geometry - E150 6" Lift, F350 4x4 Conversion (D60 F&R)

    What does the track bar mount on the axle look like? Is it something that could be modified fairly easily to move it up? Todd Z.
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    Larry's 1978 K10

    Man, you've been busy! Love reading all the updates and of course had to go check out the Blazer thread too. Todd Z.
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    Larry's 1978 K10

    I've often wondered too what happened with Larry's to speak :). I watched all of Gale's videos as they came out too. Of course I figured it was going to be a prelude to a new product but the science is sound. I checked out the new covers at SEMA last fall and they're pretty...
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    Iridium ZOLEO

    When you say 'older', which models do you mean? I'm hoping my Inreach SE is still covered! Thanks, Todd Z.