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    Anyone still make Gen1 skid plates?

    If you have no preference between aluminum or steel i'm guessing maybe you don't have even the stock skid plates?
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    Gen 2 SR Engine Swap Options

    There is the Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5 DOHC, it's a licensed copy but i don't know anyone who has swapped one yet.
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    Lunchbox Locker for ‘94 LS Montero?

    You're wanting a rear? Just buy an SR axle with an air locker, cheaper, easier and stronger. The fronts are available in a lunchbox variety.
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    Gen 2 SR Engine Swap Options

    Diesel swap (correct engine for chassis (4M40) is much easier than a gas swap from a different platform, the diesel is a drop in for the most part and it needs minimal wiring for gauges and fuel cutoff. I recall 10ish wires. One could do a diesel swap in a day if he/she had all of the parts, the...
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    Gen 2.5: Diamante engine swap?

    These engines are very different, unlike the Gen 1 3.0 and early Diamante 3.0 which are largely the same. The Diamante 3.5 would need everything swapped over, bosses tapped and distributor addressed (yes they still ran a dizzy). There are way easier swaps, late model Sports are plentiful and...
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    Mitsubishi J53

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    Found a Gen 1 Monty...what am I getting into...:)

    Use and get superceded Gen 1 parts from the Hyundai Galloper like the window sash/mouldings, they're far better than stock and cheap. Marks4wd for transfer case gearing, the stock low range is dismal in these and with the 3.0 (especially with automatic) they really benefit from the...
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    Would you bite? CL 1991 Pajero

    Blue interior is impossible to find, i'd hold out for a '94 model. They're better in every way plus they cost the same, that one is nice but you can get a way better machine for the same or less money. like PLH said, If you're not handy with a wrench or doing your own service i wouldn't...
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    Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

    I'd love to see pics of the double Mitsu transfer case, i've wanted to do that one myself. nice truck.
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    Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

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    Is there a usdm vehicle that had a 4.9 low pinion 8" front diff?

    A lot of the 4.90 high pinion diffs don't have disconnects, they come from AWD Sports. As for 5.29's those come from the Hyundai Terracan and you can look them up on
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    Is there a usdm vehicle that had a 4.9 low pinion 8" front diff?

    na3s is right, you are going to need to look for a 4.88 but you also might be able to just install a complete 4.90 axle assembly. I haven't put a high pinion in a Gen 1 though so i can't tell you for sure but you have both diffs already so some measuring would tell you for sure. I've put the low...
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    Gen 2.5 grinding noise, HELP

    Clean it if possible and put a couple dabs of RTV on it to keep it from vibrating loose again and just tap it back until it's seated. If you want you can absolutely remove the drive shaft, the slip yoke just pulls out and a little gear oil will come with it (park nose downhill if possible).
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    Gen 2.5 grinding noise, HELP

    That's the dust shield, you might be able to push it back in place without disconnecting anything otherwise yes the driveshaft needs to be removed to remove it.
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    Gen 2.5 grinding noise, HELP

    Sounds like the transfer case damper, on the older trucks there all metal and they break. Later ones have a rubber isolated metal block, they're just for driveline noise reduction and you can take it off and drive without it to test.