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    Auto Trans ID

    You'd want to take it apart and machine or grind the detent for neutral, the automatic T-cases don't have as a position. You'd be better off just having a disconnect installed on the rear shaft, they're super common these days and you're local motorhome dealer can point you in the right...
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    Offroad Support

    You can get anything these days. Enjoy.
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    Auto Trans ID

    That's an odd transmission for '94, was it originally for the Puerto Rican market? It'll handle the power fine, that transmission is hydraulically controlled so all it wants is TV pressure (kickdown). Cruise on yours might be another oddball but if i had to guess it is vacuum operated and it...
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    Lower intake plenum ‘95 SR

    The rest of that butterfly is either stuck in the valve in the head not allowing it to close or it made it through and bent the valve or damaged the valve seat. Either way it cost you a head.
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    Pajero Mk2 SWB MIVEC Build

    I always wondered why the 4 cylinder trucks got an extra T-case mount but the V6 did not.
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    New fuel pump

    Let me know your thoughts on the mystery pump hanger assembly, the v8 has an in tank FPR and i may need to butcher an assembly. Debating getting a new one to experiment on.
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    Toasty's '98 Montero Build

    Yeah, i don't know what issue you may be having. I think you're going to need to dig deeper in the transmission, no codes?
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    Record setting sale for Gen 3 Montero???

    I paid 10k for my '05 at about the same mileage like 5 years ago, it's really hard to find nice trucks like that.
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    New Dobinson Gen 3 Montero/Pajero Lift Kit Option

    Damn, yeah. At that price you can get way better shocks and service with King. Gotta wait 6 months for them to build (Mine came in 2.5 months) but it'll be way worth it plus you can have them tuned and rebuilt if ever needed.
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    Fuso owners in the US

    You'll likely need to go to a medium duty truck shop or maybe try your local CAT dealer, sometimes they'll work on road trucks. As far as the engine itself it's not hard to work on, not exotic, not different than ay of the other diesels. If they don't want to work on it it's because they just...
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    The old 1999 build thread

    Yes! September 11-19th Southern end, same meet up location as last time Red Lake i believe? I'll confirm and text you the exact location.
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    The old 1999 build thread

    Hey! How are you? New Zuk yet?
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    The old 1999 build thread

    Progress, not putting too much time into the front fender because I'm just going to replace it. Trying to get the rear quarter as nice as possible before sanding and painting, i think I'm going to armor the quarter as well.
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    The old 1999 build thread

    Just zigged when I should have zagged I guess (there's a video).
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    The old 1999 build thread

    While out testing on Saturday i took my first real body damage out on the trail, i guess it was finally my turn. It'll get fixed, don't worry 😅