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  • No meet & greet that I am aware of at this point. I assume you have a 2 meter radio so you should be able to pick up the NOAA radio on that. 162.400 is the Tucson freq. Here is the link to NOAA radio.
    I have a cb in the truck, dont use it much but it has the weather channel so it is good for that. I was wondering if there has been any talk of a spring time meet and greet?
    We will have to try to connect via radio. I really don't use it much except when wheeling with other hams. Not a fan of cb so I like to use it whenever possible.
    Hey Tim, I'll send you my number, we can hit some trails in between trips. I'm usually up for wheeling during the week, find a sunset spot, a water spot, or some fresh sage tea. Good way to leave the city behind. I'm also scoping an overland route through cochise springs / rail x / owl head. I'm more towards oracle rd but cochie on the west side of the tortolitas is one of my fav spots.

    No, thank you for putting the clean up on. If I could do more I would.
    Hey Tim!
    Thanks again for all of your help this year at the cleanup. It was good times and I really needed all the help I can get. Now to see about getting all that mental help I need! :)
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