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  • Yeah I imagine it was tight. I have been all over borrego in a 2nd gen but have never even been over to size up the squeeze because I had heard I would not fit. I was surprised to see your pic and may have to at least go look now, although I dont think I would try it based on your description of body damage.
    Thanks, Not sure weather you are looking at the pics of the truck with the eze awn tent or with the Flippac ? I run two sets of tires and wheels depending what Im doing. I have 265x75x16 on stock wheels for daily driving and 255x85x16 on steel tundra wheels for when I hit the dirt.
    as far as lifts go ome with 866 springs along with timbren bumps out front and all pro expo leafs now along with light racing air bumps out back.
    If you want to have a rig that you can throw a couple action packer boxes full of camp gear in and go. I seriously would consider looking for a used flippac. Not only are they easy and fast to use but they only weigh 300# and you dont loose your ability to carry stuff like you do with a normal shell. If you want pics or have any questions hit me up. Tim
    Hey man,

    Truck looks great. Giving me ideas about tents bigtime...what size lift and tires are you running? Are those the FJC wheels?


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