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    Canadian Badlands - March 2017

    Very nice write up and pictures. Thanks for sharing.
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    Can I buy a new Honda Cross Cub 110 in Mexico and import it into Canada ?

    So far you can only import 15yr+ vehicles from Mexico but I had read a couple years back that there was a possibility of including Mexico to the RIV list (as posted above) but so far nothing has come of that to my knowledge.
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    finding Tubby Xplorer

    I don't have an answer for you but I noticed the same thing when I was trying to find it.
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    AT IT AGAIN: Paul and Mike Convert a Mid/Tall T1N Sprinter Cargo

    Although the PEX fittings would be more secure than hose clamps they would also be harder to repair should you get a leak while out camping. Would be easier to keep a barbed union and a couple hose clamps in the cabinet somewhere and you'd be able to repair a pin hole leak for example with just...