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    Best Cheap Air Compressor for Tire Inflation at the Trail Head?

    under $100, probably the smittybilt 2780 at least they list the duty cycle on theirs
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    Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

    realize that when you gubment haters say gubment in this case, what you are actually saying is doctors... it makes you look uneducated fyi
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    Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

    yawwwwwn it is and always has been about keeping people out of the hospitals best we could while we developed the tools (cough...VACCINE...cough) to protect people. lololol, then of course we developed them and the dumb took over. it was never the sequel to I am Legend...and nobody made it...
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    Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

    also still alive: the vaccinated
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    Soft Shackles - what is your experience?

    they each have their place. snatch block to tree saver? I'd use a steel shackle. extending a tow rope? soft all the way. extending a kinetic rope? Would never even dream of putting steel in the middle and watching it propel through the air should there be a failure Tow strap to bumper...
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    Barry Bonds' Beautiful Defender

    fwiw, Barry is a prick. But as a lifelong Giants fan....he is our prick. :) Dude just wants to be left alone....till he doesn't...then he loves attention. He's a complex GOAT. It is great and refreshing to see him talking in this type of setting and obviously enjoying himself.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    the only reason it was that small is because they had to mass produce them and stuff as many of them as they could on ships and planes
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    Therein lies the 'confusion'. Legally is a loaded word and I do not believe anybody has posted either a Penal Code or Motor Vehicle Code reference supporting this statement (inside the US). While insurance companies have a ton of lawyers on the books to protect their interests, their coverage...
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    Yeah I agree, but isn't that obvious? Only the factory changes that sticker. That is why I noted "effectively" in italics. Most of us want to carry more and do so as safely as possible and the sticker doesn't have a lot to do with that with regards to after-market modifications.
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    do you even ram 2500 bro?
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    There is nothing surprising about your statement. A rating is just that, a rating. In order to produce a rating, you must pass through the rating process by the rating party. Still does not answer the question though. What made the rating party rate the one rated vehicle lower then another...
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    I hear a lot, in general, some say "changing suspension does not change GVWR..." or something to that effect. If that were true, wouldn't a Power Wagon rate the same as a Tradesman 2500 rather then much lower? They list as 1/2 the payload. Same chassis & brakes I believe.
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    New to campers and surprised by the high prices. How come a camper is half the cost of a car?

    ever sleep in a car? :) put it this way...if Sleep Number sold a wife would buy one
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    ...the struggle is real