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    All-Purpose Scout 80 build

    thank you for saving this old girl ...i have a love for scouts ,,,had 73 scout was one of my favorites....j
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    Stock ride trail recommendations in CO

    under armor pal stock is not bad but if you put money into rig sliders and under armor as in ricochet ..etc will save you money ...and worry
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    To snorkel or not?

    i ordered one like this for my fj buddy had the same knock off and was just like safari ..well 125 ,no big right ?well 1 year later and still dont have it have just went to trd spent the money ,,or any respectable dealer ,,just saying ..j
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    2007 SMB 4x4: Where ours has been...

    im with andyroo....very sweet rig ,,and you use it .....
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    hi hunter ,,,love ya dad ...

    hi hunter ,,,love ya dad ...
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    New to me Flip Pac

    wow sweet rig ....
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    Oregon - Sardine Creek, Willamette NF

    very cool ,thanks for sharing
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    Sweet cherry xj

    is that 15000? lol..funny looking for a xj for my son but could buy somthing way better for that price ....but do thank you for sharing ...j
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    Montana Whitewater Adventure - lots of pics

    fun time with good a friend ......jazzed for your trip ...thanks for sharing ....dont stop
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    Los Angeles - Panama - Alaska - Los Angeles

    very cool ,thanks for sharing ...
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    MAXTRAX vs Smittybilt Element traction devices

    still have yet to use my smittybuilts but do feel comfy having them :sombrero:
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    North Maine Woods Jaunt: Cliff Lake, Round Pond & Thereabouts

    thanks for sharing ,as much as i try to head east i keep ending up west i hope ....
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    Messing around in New Mexico on the tarmac via the Triumph.

    wow ...thanks for sharing ......soo cool ....
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    Best road signs

    funny sign just as you head into Baker ,Nevada ...