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    How many running the Rhino Backbone? Have you found a rear cargo area rack/shelf that will work?

    I have the backbone in my 2009 JKU. I've run it with a Tuffy cargo enclosure / deck (no interference issues). For the height you are looking for I'd run this: I ended up going another direction and...
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    Anyone running Snomaster fridge in your JKU or JLU?

    The Engel dual zone makes it easy to switch from 70/30 (freezer or fridge) to 100% either. Simply remove the divider (and, if you want, the baskets) and adjust the temp. In my experience with mine using it for freezing, once it gets to temp there is very little difference in power use. Based...
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    Anyone running Snomaster fridge in your JKU or JLU?

    I have (and love) the dual zone Engel MT45 ( I chose it over the Snomaster 42 because at the time it was the only dual zone in this size. The size fits perfectly behind the left rear seat and it has plenty of space if you pack...
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    2017 Chevy Express Extended 4x4 Sportsmobile

    Thanks for the height info - unfortunately my max height (which my JKU clears by an inch) is 82". I guess a van upgrade is going to depend on a move first.
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    2017 Chevy Express Extended 4x4 Sportsmobile

    Max exterior height with the top down? If it's the awning can you measure without it as well? I'm wondering if this will fit in my garage (required winter condo parking). Thanks!
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    Fridge size for Jeep JKU?

    FYI: As much as I love my Engel it appears that Snomaster may be walking away with this test series - worth watching if you are shopping! I'm looking forward to the final episodes and raw data...
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    Fridge size for Jeep JKU?

    I do use the removable lid on the Engel since I don't have my slide mounted yet and like to leave it strapped in.
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    Fridge size for Jeep JKU?

    I've got the Engel MT45 Dual Zone and my other top choice would be the Snomaster 42. Both have a tall narrow profile that fits perfectly behind the 30% seat on the left in the JKU and comes up level with the stuff I have mounted above the wheel well. They both fit the So Cal Teardrops slide...
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    JK Tailgate Tables - The lowdown

    I posted a reply on your other thread with some measurement pics - also a link to this which might work for you: Cheers! Chris
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    Who has a Trailgater for JK? I need a measurement please!!!!!

    Just occurred to me - I saw this recently and it looked kind of cool - maybe a solution for you? Cheers! Chris
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    Who has a Trailgater for JK? I need a measurement please!!!!!

    EDIT: Just saw your other thread - yeah I don't think it will work with that strut given your measurement photos, the left flange and the strut movement away during opening. Possibly relocate the strut? 2009 JKU with a table circa 2014/2015. Hope this helps - looks like there is a flange...
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    Byonics All In One APRS

    Very interested. Do you know what hardware version you have? (Looks like 3.2 is current). Thanks! Chris K7ECH
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    Has anyone installed a Propex heater inside the Jeep?

    I’ve got an HS2000 and am doing the same thing in my 2009 JKU mini-camper build. Still deciding on a mounting location but am leaning toward under the drivers seat firing rearward. I’ll have room for ducting and a custom snowboard boot dryer line [emoji12]. I’ve got this combo for propane...
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    Gear storage!!

    Perfect timing - I’ve been looking for someone local (Reno) to fab three low profile boxes like these for permanent recessed mount in my home made roof rack. I’ll have to think about final dimensions some more as they will be set in 3 openings in the 80/20 frame. Can they be made up without the...
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    WTB Fridge Slide for Dometic CFX40

    I’ve got a new Alu Cab: