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    My Journey

    I am not sure if any of the cactus slated to be destroyed by that idiotic border wall have been rescued. If they really are smashing those majestic saguaros to is very sad. Just like clear cutting majestic several hundred year old oak trees for a few more houses, or for a better view...
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    My Journey

    Jerry, just a quick note on the Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society in Tucson, sponsors of the Pima Prickly Park you visited. TCSS is a neat volunteer organization here that does lots of educational outreach and rescues cacti. Yes, they go out to constructions sites, street projects, new...
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    My Journey

    So sorry, Jerry. You gave Yukon such a great life.
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    My Journey

    Jerry, hope all is going as well as can be with Yukon and you. Again, as you seem to be spending much time in Tucson, my offer still stands. If you want a place to hang out just outside of the city to give you a little more "stability" as you and Yukon go through your days, please don't...
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    My Journey

    No problem. Happy trails.
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    My Journey

    Jerry, I have never chimed in on this thread but I have been following you for quite some time. I am continually amazed by your drive, persistence, your past travels, your pics, and especially your generosity. I have been taking notes on some of the places you visit for future travels. My...
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    Coyote(s) with mange....what to do?

    We had some poor foxes with mange coming into our yard in an urban area. Our local animal welfare org directed me to a group of rescue folks who gave me 2 vials of ivermectin and 2 syringes. I donated to their rescue site online later. I was instructed to inject a chicken leg with one dose and...
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    Northstar Igloo 9.5

    Northstar builds excellent campers. Four season, cassette, dual pane windows, solid construction....You'll find more specific owner info on one of the other truck camper forums.
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    Advice for soon to be father...

    I have a 14 and 18 year old boys. My oldest attends one of the top STEM high schools in the nation (and is headed to college this fall). He laments that his peers, although book smart and math nerds, don't know a sparrow from a robin, an oak from a maple, are petrified of little insects and want...
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    Best Pop Up Truck Camper for Winter Use

    Check out Northstar pop-up campers. Top quality.
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    New Truck camper; how to prep truck

    Not sure if this is frowned upon, but here is THE source for info on everything truck camper, in case you haven't been there:
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    Camp Chef Bulk Propane Pressure

    Also, open your tank valve slowly, so the safety valve doesn't shut down flow.
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    Sleeping in Walmart parking lot with roof top tent

    It has nothing to do with entitlement. I was making a reference to Walmart policies regarding screwing workers and the environment. I am glad they provide jobs for millions, but for not much else. Perhaps they have improved lately? Then again, Walmart isn't the only huge company with these...
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    Sleeping in Walmart parking lot with roof top tent

    I was "taught" through many posts, online research, experience, etc., that it is bad form to set anything up at Walmart. The idea is to make it look like you drove up and parked, as if you were shopping, which, by the way, is a good idea to "repay" Mallwart for letting you stay the night free of...
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    Any limit to how fast lithium ion batteries charge?

    We have 4x 100Ah batteries from through Larry at Starlight Solar, and 640W solar. Installed ourselves to save cost and also claimed the 30% fed tax credit. I don't have the charge amps off the top of my head, but these 2...