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    CJ5 Resto-Mod Project

    One of my favorite colors on the CJs of the early 70s was Apple Green. I’ve only seen a couple of them. My JK was a color called Commando Green (a misnomer in my opinion) that is actually close to the 70s shade. If I build a CJ, I will consider that as a color choice. Another minor detail that...
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    CJ5 Resto-Mod Project

    Saw this on BaT, which brought me back to EP. I haven’t been here for awhile. A great amount of thought and attention to detail have been put into this build. I have been considering taking a CJ5 or CJ3B on as a project. But my ‘66 C10 is in line first. I bought it from the original owner’s...
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    Mountain Khakis supports Expedition Portal!

    I have a couple pairs of their jeans and a T shirt. Great stuff!
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    Would you do this?

    Not all people have full coverage insurance. Especially on older vehicles or trailers. It seems these days that the bad guys do whatever they want and hope for leniency in criminal court and sympathy in civil court. If a bad guy gets hurt or killed as a result of the actions the he chooses to...
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    Low-budget Scrambler?

    I've thought about doing the same thing with a Buell Blast
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    New Topper on my Brute

    Looks great. Like some kind of obscure government contract vehicle. Those Stocktons with the 255/85/16s look fantastic!
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    Where are the deals?

    Watch Craigslist everyday. Most owners think their vehicle is worth more than it is. But good buys can be found. But, you must contact the owner right away or it will be gone. Sometimes the best Jeeps are at new car dealers that sell another brand. The local Volvo and VW dealers here almost...
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    JK Rear seat back in a LJ

    Ok, I see now. The pic of a 4 door back seat threw me off.
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    JK Rear seat back in a LJ

    Why not use a rear seat out of a 2 door JK. It's narrower and the headrest height is adjustable, like the fronts.
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    Willys Wheeler Wrangler

    Resale is a consideration. As we all have probably found out, modifications are worth nothing at resale unless you find the right buyer.
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    Willys Wheeler Wrangler

    Just looked. You're right about that. However, you can still specify half doors. But you get no credit for the power windows/locks if you do so. Better yet, buy a base model and build it the way you want. The frame, suspension (with the exception of shocks), engine, rear differential and...
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    Willys Wheeler Wrangler

    The Rubicon has open differentials when they are not locked. In 4 high the difs are open, just like any other Wrangler without the limited slip option.
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    Willys Wheeler Wrangler

    As I stated above. You can most definitely get a Rubicon without power do-dads (except A/C is standard). You may have a hard time finding one on the lot, but you can order it that way for sure. Go to and select the build and price on a Wrangler. Power windows/locks are an option as...
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    Willys Wheeler Wrangler

    You can buy a Rubicon like that. Even with just a soft top and half doors. It will come with A/C and the Alpine radio standard though.
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    adventure motorcycle show on netflix

    Yeah, they did it on 125cc bikes carrying their own camera gear. Long before cell phones or internet.