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  • Cool Stuff.
    Check us out at a wings night sometime. There are a number of XJ guys on the site to help/suggest mods.
    There is the Edmonton Jeep club, but I've never been out on a run with them.
    I haven't been wheeling for a couple years because my XJ has been in pieces in my garage since late 2008. I'm hoping to have it buttoned up soon, then I need to send it to a shop to have everything looked over and a new rear driveshaft made. I've got to get a SYE kit for the t-case as well still.
    Maybe it will be ready to hit a trail by August? lol

    When I first moved here, I actually got together with some folks around Drayton Valley, as well as Grande Prairie a couple of times. GP is a bit far to go wheeling for a day though...

    I think I'm going to start trying to get some contacts around the Red Deer area, it seems like a mini "hotbed" of wheeling around there.
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