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    2011 F-250 King Ranch FX4 Tuxedo Black - 6 speed - All reasonable offers considered.

    More pictures here:
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    2011 F-250 King Ranch FX4 Tuxedo Black - 6 speed - All reasonable offers considered.

    Ok guys i somehow deleted the previous post by accident so here it is again. We are asking $39,000.00 on Craigslist, I will sell to an expo member for $36,500 as is turnkey. This is priced well below NADA book value of 43,000. If some one doesn't want the front or rear bumpers i will deduct them...
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    Tent for long term use

    I agree as well. A forum is a repository of information to be updated by the community for the overall knowledge base to grow. Any updates to old thread are very useful imho, as other members may have need for the same info. I know that i reference the old threads on a regular basis.
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    Well I got the job

    So how is it going for you? Was it the career that you had in mind?
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    Tent for long term use

    So is it now against forum rules to comment on anything that we desire?
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    Tent for long term use

    For quick set up and ease of use i prefer the Hennessy hammock system. really comfortable and light weight. Easy to setup and take down. But i think the original poster was looking for long term use, which in my mind, is an easy candidate for a Terra-Nova, which also was brought up by the...
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    Tent for long term use

    We have a Terra Nova - Extra Heavy Duty Cosmos, Over 6' at the center inside - it is the best tent i have ever seen or been around. Just an incredible piece of equipment, we use it on a consistent basis and have never seen any signs of degradation due to UV problems at all. We treat it with a...
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    So no new updates? Wanted to know what ever came of the VanDOOM.
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    WTB: 80s G-WAGON
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    WTB: 80s G-WAGON
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    Expedition built 1997 Land Cruiser 80 - gauging interest

    Ok, Ok, Let the bidding begin. - Two ham sammiches and a baby kosher dill - and not one of those cheap ones either!
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    FS: 2015 Toyota 4Runner Trail Premium KDSS full expo build, San Luis Obispo, CA

    Dam, a bit on the pricey side for me, but looks great. I am considering something like that for my wife. But I think I will wait for the new body style thats going to be released in 2016. GLWS.. And once again nice rig.