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    OME 882 + 90004, Assembled

    Bump for the weekend crowd! These fit the '95.5 to 2004 Toyota Tacomas as well as the '96-02 Toyota 4Runners, 2WD and 4WD.
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    Fourtreks Hi-Lift Mounts for ARB Bullbar

    Fourtreks Hi-Lift Mounts with Billet Wing Nuts --- SOLD 06/12/12 Important: These clamps fit 1-7/8" (1.875") round tube, please measure before buying! Bought these early in 2008 and ran 'em on the front of my ARB (as shown in the first two photos) until I removed them just over a year later...
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    Bilstein 9" 5125-series Shocks, from '04 Tacoma

    Bilstein 33-186542 Shocks, 5125-series --- SOLD 06/18/12 Bought these in the spring of 2011 (I think) from Summit, added the correct bushings for the stock Tacoma shock mounts, drove on 'em for roughly 6000 miles, then uninstalled them in December 2011 when I took my Tacoma back to stock to...
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    OME 882 + 90004, Assembled

    Old Man Emu 882 Coils and 90004 Nitrocharger Shocks --- SOLD 06/17/12 Bought these in June of 2011 from and assembled by Wheeler's, put less than 6000 miles on them, then uninstalled them in December 2011 when I took my '04 Tacoma back to stock to sell the truck to my dad. Some scratches and...
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    '01-'04 Tacoma Parts --- CHEAP!

    Spacer lift and bushings/bolts still available. Any offers are welcome at this point!
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    '01-'04 Tacoma Parts --- CHEAP!

    Make me some offers on this stuff, need it all gone! Daystar 1.25" Spacer Lift --- SOLD 06/14/12 Brand new top out spacers, ordered from Wheeler's and never installed 'em... Come with longer top plate studs, nuts, and instructions. $20 shipped from New Mexico, CONUS only ... SOLD...
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    m35a2 build....and m105 camper build

    I'm on SteelSoldiers, and fighting the green fever as best I can. :D
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    m35a2 build....and m105 camper build

    Good chance that truck went to Germany/Europe in a past life. Interesting to see that the forums I frequent are starting to cross over... :elkgrin:
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    Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx

    I really want to see these released in a 255/85 just as the original STs were... There are two trucks in the driveway begging for this tire, but I'm just not happy with 285/75 as my only option.
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    Downey Lift Shackles for 1998-2004 Toyota Tacomas --- SOLD

    Downey HD Shackles --- SOLD 7/14/11 Used, mounting hardware included, some rust on the bolt shoulders, and one shackle looks like the previous owner installed it with a hammer, as the brace has a some marks and a small bend to it. Bolts are 6" center-to-center, and are not greasable. Just came...
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    Toyota FZJ80 Locking Diffs Switch --- SOLD

    Still available.
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    Toyota FZJ80 Locking Diffs Switch --- SOLD

    Toyota 84725-60020 --- SOLD 7/7/11 Brand new, never installed, switch dial functions 100%, but I seem to have lost the Toyota bag with the part number on it somewhere along the line... I ordered this switch personally from Freeman Toyota in Santa Rosa (CA) back in 2008 and is a genuine Toyota...
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    Box Rocket '03 DC Tacoma Build

    Sky Manufacturing also makes relocation plates for Toyotas.
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    Old Man Emu shocks with stock springs?

    I'm in the same boat. Any thoughts on using OME 880 coils?
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    twowhlrcr's 2000 4Runner

    This, for sure. After working as the parts guy at a collision repair shop for a while, definitely demand OEM Toyota parts be specified for the estimate and actually used to complete the repair. The fit and finish on the majority of aftermarket collision repair parts is remarkably terrible: thin...