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    OVERLAND Journal Payload podcast

    I enjoyed the podcast, even though I know the subject pretty well. I think it was presented clearly for the majority of people, who are confused by what it all means. One point that they didn't discuss is that the GVWR does not mean that every aspect of the vehicle is built to that limit. It...
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Hey Jon, Good to hear from you! Definitely stop by if you can! Just call Aimee and set up a time. Tuesdays and Fridays are currently a little less hectic. For the next few weeks, Wednesdays and Thursdays are booked for me. I appreciate hearing from people like you and Jeremy. If we...
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Thanks Jeremy, I sent you a second email answering some questions in more detail. The positive side of this is that if you ever have a question, we actually answer the phone and help. If you need any part in an emergency, even a complete glazing, or blind screen assembly, we can...
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Unfortunately, 10 sizes is all we can handle right now. We have to order in very large quantities because our Arctic Tern windows are custom built to our specs. Doubling our inventory would require at least another 2,000 sq ft of warehouse space. We can bring in other sizes, but the minimum...
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Thank you for the kind words! I need at least 3 clones of myself to keep up with all the demands and projects. Both the armor and the thermal package are still on hold. We have had very little interest in either option. I will share some interesting information though. I just got through...
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    Tern Overland Introduction

    Hi Darwin, We have a limited number of the Euro doors arriving later this month. I know some of them are already pre-sold, so I would suggest giving us a call soon if you need one! We are now offering a custom made removable insulating panel for the Wildlands door, that makes it a good...
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    D rated options in the venerable 255/85-16

    Sorry to say, no! I have them ready to go on the truck, but the truck is undergoing some upgrades that are not quite done. They balanced very well. One of them got perfect balance by moving it around the wheel, and has no weights on it at all.
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    Airbags, Ride Rite or Air Lift 5000

    Cradles do not eliminate the need for bump stops. If a bump stop is not incorporated, the suspension will bottom on the bag. That will make for harsh landings, and eventually destroy the bag. I prefer the design of the Firestone bags, but their requirement to remove the bump stop on many...
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    Composite panels for sale EDIT: sold

    Sorry man, these are sold. I just edited the title.
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    Special Offer for Former Moby1 Customers

    My best wishes as well David. It is good of you to restore confidence in a market that has taken some hits.
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    The all new Wildlands trailer door

    I just took my best guess, LOL. 1.5" walls are easy. We just shot a video that explains the installation of these doors, and at the end there is a section about operation and features of the door. I always get stuck making these videos, so bear with me. Hopefully it will be helpful.:
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    The all new Wildlands trailer door

    It can be fitted into most any wall thickness with proper framing.
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    The all new Wildlands trailer door

    We currently only stock them in white. If you are looking at specing these for your trailers, we can definitely get them in black. We can also build custom sizes. There is no extra charge for either, but some minimums apply to cover the set up. Give us a call and we can hook you up with OEM...