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    Identify this gun tool please

    Choke wrench carbon scraper and punch combination
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    Pof revolution

    Handled one of the pistons today. I'm seriously debating getting one. Anyone have one? Any experience?
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    Any IDPA shooters here?

    Exactly I don't give them any care because I want them to jam.
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    Any Handgun Hunter on here?

    I am though I don't currently own what I would consider to be a true hunting rig atm. That being said if taken quite a few animals with my glock 10mm.
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    9MM Pistol for bear protection?

    Fun toy but not a great bear gun. The problem is 45/70 is a rifle round a pistol doesn't have enough barrel to get a full burn of the powder. Ballistics would be on par with a hot 45lc.
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    Any IDPA shooters here?

    I run my idpa glock with scherer mags so I can get better practice on clearance drills under stress.
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    Coyote(s) with mange....what to do?

    A bullet would be a lot quicker and less painful than letting nature take its course. Personally I'd put out some meat to let them have one last good meal.
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    Laws Regarding Aggressive Animals

    I will treat a animal just like a human if I think you are a real threat I'll take my chances in court. Granted that level will lower depending if my daughter is with me or not.
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    Got a new 9mm

    Hard to go wrong with a cz. Congrats.
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    LugEr pistol

    Decent gun. A little temperamental on reliability if they get dirty or aren't maintained properly. If it's a 9mm ammo is everywhere. If 30 luger not so much. If we are talking 2 legged animals either caliber is fine if we are talking four legged not a good caliber. A good caliber for both is...
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    Sling shot?

    Anyone else carry one? I keep one in my pack. Great for harvesting a rabbit or squirrel for the stew pot. Small light easy to carry.
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    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    Been looking at chest rigs for a while how do you like it? Currently just have a falcon of some sort. I really need to get rid of some holsters. Its getting hard to keep track of them all lol.